Did the earth move for you?

2/27/2008 01:56:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 18 Comments

About an hour ago I was lying in bed, trying to sleep when the whole bed started to shake quite violently. I thought it was the cat at first, but it was much too powerful for that, and carried on far too long, especially after she'd leapt off the bed in fright! It felt like the bed was being shaken from underneath by a giant hand.

After it stopped I looked out of the window, but everything was quiet and I couldn't see people turning lights on, so I dismissed it as 'just one of those things' despite thinking it had felt like an earthquake...turns out it was!

I'm a fair distance away from the epicentre in Lincolnshire so I hope all you other bloggers are ok, it must have been very dramatic closer to it.

Sleep tight.


Vi said...

Yep, the earth moved for me as well. Fucking scared the shit out of me. Just posted about it.

Casdok said...

I heard about it on the news!

Wow! I just went over and read about it on Vi's blog.. (sorry for not commenting Vi..)

You take care of yourself BG.. and get better Soon...

cheers kim.. xxx

Anonymous said...

ahhh..so my house ISN'T haunted!
That was pretty freaky.I slept with the light on after that,cos I'm so butch..
Glad you're feeling a bit better Bendy.x

Mary said...

Yup. Steve was woken up by the bed shaking and for once, it was buggerall to do with me!

Unknown said...

I have a plugin in my browser that reports world wide earthquake events of more that 2.5 on the Richter Scale- usually within several minutes of the event. So I knew about it right away. I thought about you straight away - you and Solomon Broad, the other English blogger I read regularly. I'm sorry you're still not well, but at least all that happened is that you got woken.

Be well.

cogidubnus said...

As a resident of a West Sussex town that suffered a tornado just a few years back, I'm relieved to report that this time round we didn't feel a thing!

There is something for you at my place.

cheers Kim xxx

Vi: Great post you did!

Casdok: Most people seem to have slept through it

Kim: Thank you, and thank you for the award! x x

Northerner: Hey, good to hear from you, how's tricks? Hehe, gotta love a butch man ;) x

Mary: Like I said, usually the cat in my house!

lceel: Wow, that's an impressive plug in! I was still awake so it just freaked me out a little until I saw the reports start to come in on the news. How lovely that blogging connects us all so well though!

Cogi: Glad to hear that!

JW said...

Apparently the earth did move for me down in Middlesex. There were reports on the local radio news from people down the road who'd supposedly been shaken out of bed or who'd lain there wondering whether they were dreaming that their bodies were shaking.

Me? I slept through it.

I feel robbed.

Ro: Hello, I've just been checking out your rather fabulous blog.

I'm feeling robbed by being the only person who didn't sleep through the damn thing...it wasn't that exciting!
Actually, scratch that, it was the most action my bed has seen in ages! BG

Wow, earthquakes in Lincolnshire, who would have thought it? I'm kind of jealous having never experienced such a major tremor.

Marla said...

My husband was in Utah a few days back and felt an earth quake. I bet it would be a bit scary.

spleenal said...

I'm a bit dissappionted of all the nights not to be kept up with my pains I choose that night.

Bittersweet said...

i hope you are feeling brighter soon.

(nope, didn't feel a thing)

kingmagic said...

Lil Sis...I woke up and saw my wardrobe doing the Fandango across the bedroom!
Closed eyes and went back to sleep!


Big Bro...x

Dark Side said...

The first I knew of it all mums get well cards flew off the mantle piece but once I had made sure she was ok I went back to sleep...x

EmmaK: I know, bizarre isn't it?! Don't be jealous though..from what I experienced a good session would make the earth move more ;)

Marla: I think the kind of earthquakes you get in the USA would be very scary indeed!

Spleenal: Isn't it always the way? How're you feeling now?

Me: I'm feeling lots better now thank you. Glad it didn't disturb you, you need all your sleep with 2 little ones!

Big Bro: Clearly being chilled out runs in our blog family ;) lil sis x

Emma: Cards going flying off the mantlepiece would be very freaky! Glad you and your mum were both fine x