Bog Off! Exhibit 11 Missing the point!

5/13/2009 02:35:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 9 Comments

Sent in by BSS reader Louise, this is the disabled toilet at The Crown in Digbeth, Birmingham. Apparently it was clean which is a bonus considering the state of most disabled loo's, but looks like someone somewhere has seriously misunderstood what a disabled toilet is for.....

...And no, it's not for shagging, snorting or storing. Just in case anyone wondered!

While I'm at it, if anyone has sent me photos of disabled toilets and I've not published them so far, that is because I'm ridiculously scatty and have inevitably lost them. Sorry! All contributions welcomed and I promise to try not to lose them.


As the snapper of this pic, I'm regretting not photographing the rest of the loo. Behind me, which you can't see, was a huge pile of plastic gallon buckets of paint, neatly stacked up, plus other decorating equipment. While the loo itself and the sink were both clean, the floor polisher in the pic definitely was not. Fortunately for me on this occasion, I don't use a chair otherwise I'd not have been able to get in to the loo. Unfortunately for me on this occasion, if I'd had a seizure while in mid-wee, I could have injured myself quite badly on the floor cleaning equipment.

Beer - excellent
Loo - disgraceful

Fire Byrd said...

To think they pub management put the floor cleaner in for people to play with, how considerate....
OK don't shout I know!!

LceeL said...

Okay .. I've read the comments and now I understand what it is I was seeing - but what the heck is the grey thing next to the commode?

I think that's the bin for sanitary towels... Although I didn't inspect it too closely!

Forgot to mention the chain for the flush was way too high above the loo - anyone in a chair would have struggled to reach it.

Dark Side said...

Thanks Bendy for reminding me what disabled toilets are for! Shagging! that was

Anonymous said...

The best disabled toilet that I've ever had the pleasure of using was at the Royal Cornwall Hospital. The nurse very carefully wheeled me in and then we both discovered that there wasn't enough room to turn the chair so that I could get out of it and onto the toilet. It was faintly absurd and comical and really rather sad that whoever had designed the toilet hadn't even considered wheelchair 'turning-space'!!!

My apologies for my story on Tuesday :P I did think of you as I was writing it :)

James Higham said...

Oo, i need one of those.

Damon Lord said...

If I were the photographer, and if I had the energy/strength, I would have flung excess things such as the paint and that cleaning thing out of the toilet in order to pursue my personal duties.