Gone Paddlin!

6/29/2009 09:58:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 6 Comments

I took a rather crippling loan from the spoon bank to attend BendyToo's 21st birthday this weekend.

Happily I love the hot weather so I'll be recovering in the sunshine for the next few days.

Less happily the tides are very low this week so I won't be doing any of this

Only a bendy person would have their arms/hands in such a strange position as part of normal movement!


Gordie said...

Joy... simple joy. :-)

If I could send you some of my spoons I would. I think that Veronica has taken the same loan out as you *sigh* ((hugs)) to you my sweeting.

Casdok said...

And i would send you some spoons to if i could. Enjoy the sun!

cogidubnus said...

Go bendy!

How I wish I could send you some spoons...if only my respect and good wishes would help...

found hearts said...

You're a sun flower, aren't you? : )

hugs xxx

alhi said...

How are the spoons now? Building up again?
Have read Pulman's trilogy and really enjoyed them.