Who's Cheating Who?

6/29/2010 01:27:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 2 Comments

BBC Scotland investigates the new system of Employment and Support Allowance brought in by the previous, New Labour government. Starring a previously principled Danny Alexander MP explaining his concerns about vulnerable people being disallowed the benefits they should be entitled to.


Nemonie said...

I'm currently claiming ESA and had my medical a few weeks ago. It was pretty much a complete farce. The doctor spent nearly all the time typing on his computer and seemingly asking the questions I had just filled in the work capability assessment. The physical part of the assessment consisted of asking me to try and touch my toes, to lift my arms up to shoulder height and then to lay on the bed and lift my legs up as high as they will go. I have hypermobility syndrome (fortunately not as bad as you, I don't dislocate everything just my kneecaps, hips and right shoulder) so of course I could do all these things with ease. That dosn't mean it didn't hurt though. I still havn't had my report back yet so don't know if I will be awarded ESA pr be moved back to JSA. This is also bearing in mind that I also have fibromyalgia and chronic migraines with vertigo. It seems I just lucky to have several invisible illnesses. I not exactly hopefull as I am already having to go to tribunal for my DLA application.

Ron Graves said...

When I was on IB I routinely amassed about 125 points, including a bunch of 15-point answers, on the IB50 form.

A couple of years ago, though past retirement age, I completed an ESA50 for comparison, I barely scraped together 45 points, including just one 15-pointer.

The reason? No, I haven't magically improved, but the form is rigged to make it almost impossible for anyone answering honestly to make a successful claim based solely on the form. Yet back when it was Invalidity Benefit I did just that, and I'm much more disabled now than I was in 1986.