Bog Off - Exhibit 27 Bog of Beauty!

8/09/2010 02:22:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 3 Comments

This is an extra special BogOff sent in by BSS reader Sam McCallum, thanks Sam! 

It's special partly because it's the most distant BogOff from the UK, even further away than the previous holder of that title from Hobart, Tasmania

The other reason this BogOff is special is because the public toilets at KawaKawa in New Zealand are world famous, designed and constructed by the Austrian artist Hundertwasser

Sam made sure to point out that the lack of mirror in the accessible toilet was not an oversight, none of the toilets have mirrors-true equality! This may not be the best BogOff for access, but it is definitely the most beautiful and interesting. I particularly like Hudertwasser's philosophy that straight lines are evil and the toilet only contains crooked beauty.


Casdok said...

Not sure that C would be able to cope with it. But i like it :)

Sam McCallum said...

Glad you liked the photo's mate! I knew the artist made sure there were no edges in the toilet, all curved, but I didn't know that's why, what a fabulous line, crooked beauty!
Ooohhhh and glad of the title I've received as well! I don't think anyone can beat that one, the most furtherest away! (and most beautiful so far!)

Arienette said...

Oooohhh....beautiful, but it would make me fall over. Sadface.