Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Compare and Contrast?

 The real picture...

Disability Benefit Reform - Is The Government Hiding Behind Atos Errors? By Kaliya Franklin

Versus....the official picture...

The Government's Policy Objectives For Incapacity Benefit Reform - Select Committee Report


misspiggy said...

Have you seen this appalling piece of propaganda on the BBC?

Achelois said...

The six o clock news this evening on Radio 4 had me shouting at the radio. A lot of links to read, some of which I think are linked as well on blogs which I have skimmed over tonight. My stupid eye that is determined to stay shut when I want to read means I have to read little snapshots at a time. The quote which me being me from David Cameron about lucky or something made me shout more.

Apologies, for the garbled comment, EDS is my enemy today. I just want to offer up my support really.

Anonymous said...

I really wish that there was someone rich enough to do a test-case against the government for breaching the Equality Act, the Human Rights act and also slander / libel laws for their treatment of disabled people.

Would be a very interesting case!!!