Monday, January 09, 2012

Writers Val McDermid & Kate Long support need consult disabled ppl #spartacusreport

"How we treat our vulnerable citizens is a measure of a civilised society. The way to do that is not to make high-handed decisions on their behalf but to consult directly with them about their needs and how those needs can be met. It's surely not too much to ask of a government that constantly tells us we're all in this together."

Val McDermid, best selling crime writer

"We are not talking here about providing “luxuries”, or catering to a “lifestyle choice”. People with disabilities are simply asking for their essential needs to be met, a right most non-disabled folk take for granted. Frankly it appals me that this issue is even up for debate. What has happened to our society?"

Kate Long, author

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Maddy said...

Another reason to love Val.