Disability News Round Up By John Pring - Week Ending 14/03/2012

3/20/2012 12:08:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 3 Comments

·         Disabled activists have reacted with astonishment after the government claimed in a new action plan that its sweeping welfare reforms and cuts to disability benefits would help in the fight against disability hate crime.
·         Fresh concerns have been raised about the government’s work capability tests after new figures showed a huge increase in the number of disabled claimants of incapacity benefit being reassessed as “fit for work”.
·         Concerns have been raised about the Metropolitan police’s reluctance to seek advice from its disabled advisers, following a high court case which led to a teenager with autism winning nearly £30,000 in damages.
·         London’s mayor could be breaching his Equality Act duties by refusing to trial an accessible version of his cycle hire scheme, it has been claimed.
·         A user-led advice service that has lost its council funding fears similar cuts could have serious financial consequences for disabled people in other parts of the country.
·         The government has refused to say whether it will withdraw funding for sheltered businesses across the country, following last week’s decision to force the closure of at least two-thirds of the remaining 54 Remploy factories.
·         A disabled MP has backed the government’s decision to withdraw funding from the remaining sheltered factories run by Remploy.
·         Disabled activists have again been forced to warn of the “catastrophic” consequences of a weakening in the laws on euthanasia and assisted suicide, after the latest “right to die” high court ruling.
·         A disabled peer has spearheaded the latest defeat of the government over its plans to reform the legal aid system and cut £350 million from its budget.

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Vicky Hunt said...

That is a nasty turn of events. This is in the UK, right? I'm sorry to hear about all the cutbacks. The US is facing uncertain times.
Vicky Hunt

Anonymous said...

How is the fund-raising going for the powerchair/electric chair?

Tim said...

Yep, the sick/disabled are getting a right good kicking from all sides at the moment.

The government has be seen to target those who are selfish and refuse to pay their fair share of taxes - whilst at the same time needs to offer tax cuts to those who are selfish and refuse to pay their fair share of taxes!

Guess who's votes are more important to them!