Bog Off! Exhibit 23-Your M&S

5/04/2010 05:40:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 5 Comments

Sent in by BSS reader and Bog Off fan* Nemonie this Bog Off features the accessible loo in Marks & Spencer at Teeside retail park, near Middlesborough. As you can see they have tied up the help cord ever so helpfully out of the way. They have also placed a chair in the way at the side of the loo, again presumably out of a misguided sense of helpfulness. 

M&S pride themselves on their customer service so come on Marks and Sparks, we expect you to lead the way in excellent facilities not lag behind. 

*My very own exciting!


Damon Lord said...

These are not just disabled toilets. These are M&S toilets.

Sarah said...

A green wall...

Shame it's the wrong one.

Sarah: Are green walls a mythical best practice for accessible loo's kinda thing? If you ever fancy writing a guest blog about what disabled toilets should be like just let me know ;)

Damon: Bwahahahah! That should definitely have been the title of this blog :)

Sarah said...

The simplest purpose of coloured walls is to allow the partially sighted to identify the white toilet, sink and rails.

If a white toilet is installed against a white wall, then it should have a coloured seat (as the rails in the post pics). This often looks fairly horrid - think cheap public convenience.

A sort of pistachio green with a darker floor was used in many nursing homes, following some research into how people with various forms of dementia see/interpret colour. Can't reference it though - I heard of it second hand from a nursing home owner's interior designer.

0 said...

I am late to the game but may be able to offer insight into the chair. If I'm correct, then it is there for breeastfeeders, so that we can sit in a loo and feed our children with our disgusting lactation sacks and not put the nice people in M&S off their scones. This is annoying both to any disabled person who may need to use the loo, and to breastfeeders who may not want to feed their babies next to a toilet.
I'd be interested in knowing whether the reader who sent it in noticed if there were seperate breastfeeding facilities. If not, do I get a prize?