Headset #1

7/07/2007 03:46:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 0 Comments

Aack!! Although I'm quite sure other people could and would waste large sums of time aimlessly wandering around searching for something they've lost, there is I suspect a subtle difference in the way someone so spandy searches for a lost item.

I spent an hour this morning (well afternoon but I got out of bed so late it's all relative) wandering/staggering from room to room and out to the car to try and find my bluetooth headset. In the process I fell over the bottom of my own jeans twice...once at the top of the stairs which nearly got a bit unpleasant but we'll gloss past that one, managed to wiggle back the dislocated hip from yesterday so that was an acheivment, and only forgot what I was supposed to be doing for about half the time which really isn't bad going!

What I didn't at any point do was find the headset that I suspect I'd started to look for to make a phonecall that I can't remember who to now in the first place.

I gave up, got distracted by facebook and figured that either the headset would turn up in the end, or I'd dropped it when out at yesterday's meeting. I'd forgotten yet another factor in missing items in my home...not just my amazing spandy ability to project things seemingly against the laws of physics, oh no, something far more complex and sophisticated than that...the domestic cat. Two of which reside in my household, both of whom are capable of extreme acts of wilfulness, and one of whom was quite happily curled up on my amazing bean bag sofa the entire time I was hunting down my headset, only to uncurl, stretch and saunter off in search of a more pleasing patch of sunlight just 10 minutes ago revealing underneath her the bloody headset I'd been hunting for! Typical.