Technological Wonders

8/13/2007 05:51:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 2 Comments

We went after midnight to the beach to watch the Perseid meteor shower.

Despite having been daft enough to expect it would be like a Disney cartoon, it was one of the most truly incredible things I've ever seen in my life. I'd waited for Princess Fairy Toes to arrive back from his debauched weekend away during the evening, struggling to stay awake, despite having slept in the afternoon in anticipation. He arrived just before 12am, though not before his ex girlfriend Fruitrock arrived unexpectedly, placing an interesting spin on things as they've been all out to kill each other for the past six months.

We headed straight off, excited and not wanting to miss a moment of this opportunity, Princess Fairy Toes and Fruitrock carrying the blankets and water, my bag stuffed with all manner of horrifying junk food. As we got onto the beach Fruitrock pointed out to me the fire she'd previously thought had been built by our other friends and I had to be held up as I howled with laughter at her saying she thought it looked a little too far out to walk was the excess gas burning off on one of the rigs out to sea. There was however a small fire going a hundred metres or so away which we slowly made our way towards, only realising as we got there that it didn't belong to our friends but a random group of kids in their late teens. They invited us the sit with them so we figured it was as good a place as any to sit and watch the meteors.

I lay on my back on the blankets I'd brought and gazed up at the sky, distracted by the group of kids with the fire, by now giving off noxious fumes from the old cd's and games they were burning on it, brought specifically for that purpose. They told me it was because they were disaffected youth. Spoilt and over privileged little twats more like.

Fortunately after an hour or so the group of teenagers drifted away, meaning we didn't need to find somewhere else to go, and we damped down their fire and settled back to watch the most spectacular skies. I sent Him (who's in need of a blog name, so Big it is) a text saying that I was lying in the dunes where we'd sat watching the meteor shower start, wish you were here to share it thinking that his phone would be either switched off or on silent and thought no more about it.

It got ridiculously cold at about 2.30am and we decided to call it a night. I was so cold Princess Fairy Toes had to half drag half carry me the few metres to the hard sand, where I laughed at myself the entire way back as my hips and knees subluxed and dislocated in and out, causing me to stagger around wildly, wobbling like a weeble as I went. I wasn't laughing this morning though!

As we went back down the beach, only maybe a hundred metres, Princess Fairy Toes went on ahead, chasing after Fruitrock and another girl I didn't really know. I felt slightly nervous, but not properly concerned til I saw him disappear through the passageway from the beach to the road, carrying on despite my calling out to him. To get from the beach to the road is a passageway of a few metres, sloping up then down with two or three long, low steps on each side. It's nothing. Except I can't manage to walk through it on my own. Struggle to 'walk' through it with help. I need someone with me to lean on and to pull me up. And that someone had just disappeared out of sight without a second thought leaving me on a freezing cold beach at 3am. I felt vulnerable and scared. I couldn't hold myself upright properly. My hips and knees were giving out underneath me, and for all I was laughing out loud its simply a coping mechanism, not one that can make my body suddenly start working to order. One other person had straggled behind, a girl I've met a few times before, who upon seeing this immediately told me not to worry, she'd get me to the car. She'd had a fair amount to drink though, so with that and my wobbling we must've made a fine sight as she helped me and we weaved our way through the passage.

I woke up late this morning, having left my phone on silent to find a text from Big saying We never saw a meteor shower, wrong person. When I thought to check later on in the day I saw it had been received at 3.06am. It took me a little while to realise what he meant, and that he didn't get the nice romantic gesture I'd intended it to be. I sent a reply trying to explain some jumbled nonsense about knowing we'd not seen a meteor shower, but it was the dunes we'd been to and I'd wanted to share the experience with him, but with my ability to ramble, the limitations of sms and our history of misunderstanding when communicating this way, I suspect it's just made things worse. Especially as this follows of the heels of another more substantial misunderstanding from the previous day.
I tried to send an apology this evening but as I suspect I may have woken him up and given him the impression that I was trying to tell him about an experience I'd either had or was having with another man, well...I'm not surprised he's gone into his shell again. So much for the wonders of technology!


Vi said...

That's the problem with texting, sometimes taken the wrong way than intended. I hope toes apologised for leaving you behind!!!!

Thanks Vi, I curse text's for this very reason...unfortunately Big loves them as a way of frequent misunderstandings it is! Toes didn't realise he left me behind and I didn't bother to say him it was a nothing, to me it was potentially a massive problem...I guess they are the kind of things I think of as disabling x