Nice One Dave!

10/01/2007 06:13:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 1 Comments

On the same day a charity set up to help soldiers disabled in the course of serving their country has to beg for funds, David Cameron, himself the father of a profoundly disabled child admits Conservative policy will be to use private companies to force people off Incapacity benefit and into work.

That's nice isn't it, there was I naively thinking that one of the best ways to judge a society is by how it treats its most vulnerable. That'll be us vulnerable rightly fucked in every direction then. Not the nice kind of fucked either. Oh no, it has to be the soulless, compassionless, totally devoid of any understanding of reality kind. I hate that kind almost as much as I hate Gordon Brown, and that's with a passion. His lack of courage and desperate need to deny who he really is make me sick.

Although I may naturally lean to the left, and often think David Cameron picked the wrong party in his desperate desire to mould himself in Blair's image and claw for power, still something in me had hoped for better from him than to follow blindly along the path of the much feared and despised Blair Brown Welfare Reform Act.

I should've known better. Inheritance tax is obviously far more important a thing to reduce than any proper recognition of the true costs of the welfare bill, or reasons why. Especially when you're Shadow Chancellor but appear to be even worse at maths than I am. Another vote for both private and selective education there I'd say.

Now here's a thought for both of these fathers of disabled children safely cushioned by their power, status and cash. Why don't you try addressing the real issues surrounding welfare costs? Like say, the whole perfectly fit and healthy but just can't be arsed to work and why should I while you pay my benefits thing. No? 'Shut that woman up, it's too difficult, we're not going to talk about that' you say. That's what I thought.

In that case, until you listen to those of us really living with disabilities and nothing but welfare benefits between us and the street
why don't you fuck off and leave me alone, because really, my life is quite hard enough as it is without you adding to it.


Casdok said...

WEll said!
Why dont you write to your MP or indeed Gordon Brown and ask these questions? Would love to know what respose you get!