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6/25/2008 11:56:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 6 Comments

Bollinger Byrd has written a powerful post about the lack of psychological support available to our armed forces, a subject close to my heart. Whatever views may be held about the current wars we are fighting these are our troops and in need of our support.
Please go and read it here


Jim said...

It's a very powerful post BG, thanks for highlighting it....


Anonymous said...

Co-incidentally,I watched an interview with Dahr Jamail last night.He is an independant journalist based in Iraq.The troops have had enough.More troops have killed themselves than have been killed by the enemy-he quotes 18 suicides a day.80,000 have gone awol.Its a pretty sobering interview.

Jim: TY, hope your mum's doing ok? x

TNB: Hello you, how's things? I thought it had been a little while since you commented, hope you're ok?
Thank you for that link, I'd never heard of Dahr Jamail before, I'm looking forward to watching it through properly. x

eeore said...

You can pick your friends but not your family

Midnight said...

Hey cheers for flagging that one up it made interesting reading! Hope all is well with you!

TFA: Indeed!

Middy: Glad you liked it, from personal experience it is so difficult to know what to do or say for the best in such situations.