These Boots Were Made For Walking

6/17/2008 06:01:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 22 Comments

I try not to be resentful about the situation I'm in and how it limits my life. There doesn't seem much point really, as the only person damaged by such resentment would be myself.

However, regardless of how much I may tell myself not to be, there are just a few situations I cannot seem to accept. Shoes being near top of that list.

I really do resent not being able to wear the same beautiful, strappy, high heeled shoes my friends do, and have always wished my feet were just a size bigger and able to fit into a the smallest standard women's size in the UK, a size 3.

Unfortunately, designer shoes are something I can only dream about. I have typical EDS feet. They look as though they have a perfect, high arch, and they do. Until I want to use them for the purpose they were intended rather than decoration and try to stand up. Then, as you can see in the photo, lax ligaments mean I just roll over to the side, ankle nearly touching the floor. It has to be said that the level of hypermobility in my feet is far less than I have seen in others, although their ability to turn blue almost instantly is all mine. The colouring in this photo is just what happens when I stand up, sometimes more quickly than others, and if left unattended I end up with what resembles rather fetching dark blue/purple over the knee socks. And a headache. Then if I really leave it too long a face full of floor.

So I was really happy to find these Timberland boots on ebay, in near perfect condition for only £4.50. It's one of the few advantages of having child sized feet, along with no VAT. If I must wear supportive shoes, they can at least be pink!


Anonymous said...

They look gorgeous :-)

Joanna Cake said...

Loving those shoes! x

Dark Side said...

Aw they are great I love my Timberlands so comfy..xx

Trixie said...

Great find! Hey, I may not have your problem with my feet, but I still can't wear heels like my friends.... cause I just fall over! lol

I'm glad you took the time to explain what looked like cyanosis in your feet. Is this related to the connective tissue in the blood vessels? Sounds like you get episodes of positional hypotension as well.

It's a shame you can't wear shoes that are stylin'. That one photo of yourself that you took that distorted your image in the care did reveal a very nice pair of legs.... ;-)

Elaine said...

What a beautiful pair of pink shoes!

Anonymous said...

Well i think you look quite cute in them pink boots comftable and no headaches being the order of the day
Jurid xxx

Unixman: Why thank you!

Cake: Ty, isn't ebay fab!

Emma: They really are incredibly comfy, really lightweight, have you got pink ones too?! x

Trixie: I love ebay for stuff like that, especially in the kids sizes stuff has often barely been worn, do you get stuff for the boys that way? Some of it looks amazing, and affordable, unlike new! Glad to hear I'm not the only one unable to wear heels, isn't it frustrating with certain clothes just don't look right with flat/supportive shoes?!

Mr Nighttime: TY, my legs look just like when I was a kid, I think it must be all the sport when I was young!
As for the colour, that was just getting started, I'll try and get some shots where they're much darker. It is to do with laxity in the connective tissue, or so I understand it to be. The blood vessels just stretch out and overfill, the collagen fault means they aren't strong enough to contract and pump the blood up properly. Autonomic nervous system problems are known to be common with people who have EDS, but I don't think anyone is sure whether it is 'just' to do with laxity of blood vessels etc or whether something more profound is wrong, eg it's common for EDS'ers not to respond to lignocaine, no-one understands why, it just doesn't work properly on us.
Yes, I do get episodes of positional hypotension, huge swings in BP and pulse are normal for me, it can make life interesting!

Elaine: Why thank you, isn't ebay wonderful for such things!

Jurid: Thank you honey x

Slip said...

You could keep a pair of spiky heals by the bed and only wear them for effect! Just remember to take them off before you get up to go pee.

Nicey said...

Missed your vibrator post boo hoo, but I am loving those boots, I think that there is something really sexy in a woman wearing boots and pink as well, they are bootifull.
Take care, laters

gemmak said...

My fave pair of shoes are a pair of kids you say, the one benefit of having child sized feet! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Achelois says:- snap - you have stolen my feet!!!! Me being a one and a half size and now I want your boots!!!!!! I know it doesn't make it any better but I have exactly the same problem. empathy empathy xoxox

Slip: Have you been spying on my bedroom again?! ;)

Nicey: The vibrator post remains in all it's infamy for you to enjoy, see below phnar, phnar!
It's always good to know men like women wearing boots, ty :)

GemmaK: Absolutely! There have to be some consolations for us

Achelois: How are you my lovely? I knew you could relate! If it's any help, there were quite a few (used) pairs of the pink timberlands on ebay, I'm sure you could find a pair for under a fiver x x

I really dig those shoes, like marshmallows!! groovy

emma - Marshmallows???? I'm doing a Wayne and Garth flashback to the 70's moment here.....All I need are the Huk-a-Poo shirts and hip huggers that have the two zippers up the front.

Be afraid, be VERY afraid... ;-)

Fire Byrd said...

yep I can understand that. I feel the same way about gorgeous sexy bras.

Dark Side said...

Mine are Beige darl with lovely sheepskin snuggly bits for winter weather....warm and cosy...xx

Kayell Arts said...

I also have typical EDS feet! They turn a purplish blue, which could either be Raynauds, or the blood vessels... no one quite knows... I do have the hypotension probelms though. can't move my head too fast or BOOM. Right now my ankles are bandaged because I can't find ankle supports small enough. I do get jealous/resentful that I can't wear heals. I love what I believe is called Kitten Heels (cute sandal like shoes with maybe an inch heel). I also shop in the Kids section! Whoot. One of my fave pairs of shoes are from the children's section. Yay, for the ebay find.

cogidubnus said...

Oh suddenly, oh suddenly, I'm foot-aware...oh darling I love yor ankles...

EmmaK: TY, I can see the marshmallow thing!

MrN: Sure, pink and white, why not?! As for Wayne and Garth, schwiiiing!

BB: Of course. Frustrating isn't it?!

Emma: Ooooh, lovely x

TT: I think the colour is a combination of Raynauds and vessel laxity. We get secondary Raynauds not primary so perhaps it's got something to do with that?
Kitten heels, aaaarrr drool. Worst kind for me as it's all concentrated in that area, I can manage a small, very chunky heel on boots, the kind that's the same shape as the whole back of the shoe.
Have you tried orthotics in your shoes btw? They help a great deal and shold mean no strapping needed (I'm a bit anti supports anyway)
Hope it helps

Cogi: Oooh, I've come over all victorian lady reading that ;)

Sarah said...

I used to get DMs. There was a Famous Army Store in Southport that stocked them in all sizes from wee to huge. I'm a 3 now thankfully, just on the grown up scale.

Sarah: Hello! Oooh, DM's. I had a green pair, I think because it was the only pair possible to find in a size 2 back then. I might have to track down a famous army store now just to relive the past ;)