The Jobbing Doctor and The All Work Test

7/02/2008 01:49:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 5 Comments

An interesting and moving post from the Jobbing Doctor about the 'all work test' seen from a GP's perspective. Well worth a read as it is more evidence of how the system treats the truly vulnerable.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, BG

I'll go back there for more!

And WELL DONE to you both for highlighting a serious flaw in the system.

Dave said...

Hi BG,
Off topic but read this Times article
and this in the Register

and be glad you don't live anywhere near one of these planned prison towns. How Stalinist can you get?
The planners already buggered up towns like Plymouth by making it impossible to live without a car (the houses are in one part of the city, the shops are in another, and such jobs that exist are in another)
I suppose one benefit of the current housing meltdown is that these towns probably won't be built.But scary hey.

Dave said...

Sorry BG
Here's the Times link

Anonymous said...

Why couldnt some one from dwp go and visit her at home, spose if the dwp has had reports saying the hospital can do no more they have opened her case files and thought either see what her condition is like eg ; genuine or not
jurid xxx

Steph: Ty, I think the Jobbing Doctor's blog a daily must. Hope all well with you x

Dave: I'd heard something about that on the radio-where will all the older or disabled people live in such towns? Silly me, of course they'll all be in the workhouse!

Jurid: I'm not sure, but I expect faceless would know. FWIW I remember when I first had to claim income support (after coming home from the USA) someone actually came out to the house to fill in the forms with me. I expect such visits were deemed not cost effective, but I'm sure if they were more widely used fraud would be less popular.
On the point of hospital/GP notes, this can be a real problem for people with long term chronic conditions who don't see a consultant or GP because their condition is relatively speaking stable. From the DWP's point of view that can infer the person is committing fraud as they don't have the evidence to back up their claims.