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These days we are all so used to hearing about the 'evil addicts' ruining our society it's easy to forget that each one is a person behind their addiction. These two posts written by MsO beautifully illustrate the impacts of addiction upon loved ones.


thank you for linking to both the posts! Sorry I didn't ring ( I explained in my other comment!)am guessing that you are prob in bed now.... It means a lot that someone is sharing this journey. I saw your comment to my "hello....' post, unfortunately, today when Mum went he is back to deep depression/obstropulous and as a result hasn't eaten, drank (at all!!), washed, answered the bedside phone or talked to (even answered)the nurses....Its as if he wants to make them hate him in the hope that that will make them send him home. Mum read him the riot act tonight in a way (so she said) and wants me to speak to him...I guess I will also see him at the w/end.,

I just hope that the posts you linked to don't bore or depress people,

~thanks for e/thing Bendy,

Love ya girl

Ms O

Oh and thank you for the kind words in your intro...I have seen this 'story' time and again through "work" and to some extent you have to become desensitized to it ( and other predicaments/sadness) , or you would be a wreck. When its someone close,well, you want to detach...more....

Oh and silly me failed to see both links (i thought it was one) so I reckon I need to see an eye doc along with wee one....lol

Ms O

MsO: You know my thoughts on all this, but the number of people reading your posts just goes to show how well written they are and how many people find them relevant to their lives. Hugs x x x