Blue Badge Blunders-Exhibit 2

2/08/2010 05:08:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 2 Comments

With thanks to IforI

The first is the best example - access parking at BlueWater shopping Mall in Kent. Incidentally it has one of those huge disabled toilets with changing room/plinth and hoist. It's a square only for badge holders that has the unique feature of high visibility and extra width at the back for rear entry vehicles like mine - otherwise you reverse out and often get minced by the flow of traffic going through the car park.

The second is a retail park near Argos in Maidstone, Kent. An 'accessible' space in the corner of a car park! It involves parallel parking with full flow traffic entering the area right next to you. Funnily enough the space is usually vacant!


During the snow, I went to IKEA with a friend who drives an adapted car and we discovered.... the snowplough had deposited 2ft of snow in the disabled spaces.

Luckily, the carpark was fairly empty so she just parked beside them, but, um, for a company that usually does a good job catering for people with disabilities, this was a poor show.r

Lankylonglegs said...

Well that makes a lot of sense...not! Surprising for Ikea, they are normally so good. Our local Tesco sucks...all BB spaces usually takem up by ablebodied/staff/lazy sods and their Customer staff do sod all! That space in Kent looks great, wish all shops would follow suit.