New Labour: Taking disability benefits with one hand and the piss with the other

4/23/2010 09:04:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 4 Comments

Taking disability benefits with one hand and the piss with the other.

The image has now been removed from the front page of the Labour website, but not before we managed to get screen grabs* When this image appeared last night many tweets were sent expressing dismay to prominent Labour tweeters such as Labour List, the Downing Street twitter account and John Prescott. Obviously enough to make the Labour party realise the image of William Hague as a disabled faker wasn't their finest hour. Particularly after their recent attacks on vital disability benefits

The image may have been removed, but it certainly hasn't been replaced with an apology. 

*Thanks very much to @louisebolotin, @Marjorie73 and @therealsim_o for their technical expertise


Jackart said...

Not sure I agree with you. If the poster was about disability benefits, then you might have a point. But Little Britain was (inexplicably) popular, and sending the Tories up as two of the caracters should not be offensive to disabled people.

I'm afraid this falls over the line into grievance mongering.

Jack: That's ok, we don't all have to agree ;)
I think the reason people are seeing it as in poor taste is because the character of Andy is basically someone scamming being disabled. Labour have been pretty keen on demonising genuine benefit claimants of late. If they had an excellent record of supporting disabled people I'd probably personally find this ad pretty amusing.

Vi said...

I guess you wont be voting for labour then next week? lol.

MonkZy said...

I think it is always going to be difficult trying to stop benefit fraudsters without offending the genuine claimants. The ad-banner on the Labour site is only as offensive as the original Lou and Andy, but was maybe a bad idea, especially as it may loose them disabled voters.

I think anyone on benefits will find life harder under a Tory government. Labour have been pretty good for me, although I only claim tax credits as I work for very low pay.