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9/21/2010 09:49:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 12 Comments

Granada Reports, ITV's north west regional news programme is running an investigation into the impact of the proposed spending cuts throughout the region, 'Cuts on the cards' They started in the Wirral and interviewed leader of the council, Councillor Jeff Green and myself. It's really fantastic to see the viewpoint of people who will be affected by the cuts being represented in a fair way, a refreshing change to all the 'benefit scrounger' rhetoric.

The report can be viewed here 
and for those outside the UK or using screen readers* it's available on youtube here 

* It's not possible to access the official Granada website video using a screen reader but I'm not sure if youtube is any easier?


alhi said...

BG rocks! No, seriously, it was a very good interview.

I'm intrigued: I remember in many of your posts that you talked about a characteristic of EDS being almond shaped eyes. Are all eyes not almond shaped? I've scrutnised yours in the interview and mine in the mirror and mine also appear almond shaped, although not brown.

Jackart said...

Good work! An excellent interview...

Dave the Dog said...

Well done Cal !

WendyCarole said...

A briliant interview

Alhi: Thanks love, how're you doing? No, not all eyes are almond shaped, but it is very common. It's only indicative of EDS when it's present with a whole bunch of other features. Lobeless ears are another indicator, not present in all EDS'ers (I don't have them) and very commonly found amongst the population. If that makes any sense?!

Jackart: Thanks Dude! And no Scouse accent either ;)

Dave the dog: Thanks! How are you feeling now, any better?

WendyCarole: Thank you :D

Nemonie said...

Well done Bendy. Having just come back from the HMSA residential weekend I chuckled at your cross legged pose on the chair. It was a common sight to see at the weekend and one I appropriated on the evil conference chairs in an attempt to get comfortable during the talks. XD

Lankylonglegs - Jo said...

Yay! Go you BG :)

I'm all for us bendies getting more media attention, my theory being the more of us that are out there in the public face, the less chance there is of becoming faceless beings as the Govt start their witch hunts against us all.

I don't have almond shaped eyes (sob sob) but I do have missing labial and lingual frenulums (SP frenula?) does that help? lol

Keep up the good work petal *hug* xxx

Achelois said...

Sitting like you were at the doctors yesterday the receptionist told me not to! I explained that sitting on the armless chair without my feet being able to touch the ground meant I would fall forwards and probably knock myself out! Dealing with a pinched nerve in my spine as a result of shoulder dislocation meant holding on with hands was not an option! She shut up.

You are looking good hun! You expressed yourself well as I would expect with someone with your brains and obvious beauty. Although I would have preferred they had mentioned the name of the 'condition'. Was there a reason they didn't.

I hope someone who can make a difference was listening!


hiya gorgeous.