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My neighbour knocked at my door earlier this afternoon, nothing unusual there in my road. She'd brought me a bunch of flowers to cheer me up she said, to brighten up my bad day. Things like this make me realise how lucky and blessed I really am.


Background - ish

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No prizes for guessing what this blog's supposed to be about...but if it does ever get read by anyone other than me I suppose I should give a bit of background ;

  • I'm female
  • Somewhere between 25 and 35
  • I live in small town northern UK
  • Drumroll please...I'm benefit scrounging scum.
  • For those not familiar with that charming expression or those working for social services and therefore needing to waste, ahem, sorry productively spend their time finding the most politically correct (pc) terminology, I am in receipt of state benefits; that's probably not the correct expression either but I'm sure you have to currently work for social services to be enough of a wanker to care.

For anyone who hasn't already guessed I don't have a terribly high opinion of social workers -
I'm not that big a fan of doctors either, but I don't like to discriminate so before anyone starts getting too upset, I'm not the biggest fan of the nursing profession either...why, well that's a subject for further discussion.

Why am I benefit scrounging scum? Well, much as it'd be nice to write a blog all about how I just can't be arsed to work, or claim benefits while working on the side, sadly the truth is much more dull and mundane (isn't it always?!) The pc term is disabled but that's just as wank as every social worker I've ever come across and the planned subject of a post in it's own right so let's be clear and have no misunderstandings here (it's my blog and I can say what I damn well want anyway, especially whilst no-one reads it!)
  • I'm a spaz, spacker, cripple, gimp, bendy freak, any of those terms will do for now
Not that it's mutually exclusive but it seems to confuse most people, even though I do say it myself I'm pretty damn sexy too...and no, not in a 'quite sexy for the token crip' way

The other main characters in this comedy of errors (for now) are various friends and neighbours,
my two elderly and increasingly demented felines, and of course my life would not be complete without documenting the trauma's of "the bloke"



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Time - one of the few luxuries in my life, something I've learnt to value, and time to stop wasting it. So, now, finally it seems the time is right for me to start writing down the realities of a 'different' life, a life which I never would have chosen, never would have dreamed existed even, but it's mine, I'm living it, and for all the bad things it really could be one hell of alot worse!