Ironing related injuries

6/24/2007 06:12:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 2 Comments

Such is the life of an extremely bendy person that many are the bizarre and ridiculous accidents I have had over the years. Which would be why I'm now sat here somewhat lightheaded, a little short of breath and knowing the pain isn't going to really hit until tomorrow. I can track various injuries, two dislocated ribs, a dislocated hip, shoulder, and something in my spine that made a particularly hideous noise on it's way back in...hurt like an absolute bastard too that one! I'm guessing that was what winded me so much when I fell....and the cause of this catalogue of problems, well as social services have deemed that despite all these dislocations they simply couldn't understand why that meant I needed any help (ie they were going to keep insisting that as they are broke and if they stick to that then there is no need to be met...until they turn me into a quadraplegic that is!) Not surprisingly, despite that stunner of a decision by some wanker more interested in moaning about his inadequate salary, my need for help and to continue with life has not gone away!

So, earlier today I decided I would somehow have to at least attempt some ironing...yes, this is an ironing related injury! But, before you (er audience of zero here!) get too excited tragically it's not even up there with truly glamorous ironing related injuries as this mishap occurred before I'd even considered the permutations of a hot iron. No, this lunacy came about from my forward planning...thinking that it would mean a great deal less ironing and therefore possibility of pain/injury if I hung things correctly to dry I at great length had put everything on hangers and clambered all over the spare bed to put them on the picture rail to dry. There the clothes have sat for I'm ashamed to say the best part of three weeks now until today where I clearly mistakenly believed I had both enough co-ordination and energy to contemplate at least having a go at it.
I should've known it wouldn't be that straight forward really, after all it never is where I'm concerned! So, having hung the clothes on said picture rail all those weeks back, clearly I had to get them back down to iron them. No problem I thought, having cunningly only put them around the area of the bed it'll all be fine. At no point did I factor in falling backwards off the damned bed onto a mini fridge!! I would say that it hurt and not to try it at home, but I'm sure that's stating the bleeding obvious, and if not frankly good luck to you!

So, now I am left with as big a pile of ironing as I started with, no idea how to tackle it, and more importantly a significant number of serious injuries I didn't have before I started this, pain which I'm attempting to ignore but is worsening by the moment, no desire whatsoever to go anywhere near A&E on a sunday teatime, and a sneaking suspicion that after all the twat of a social worker has just got what he dump the financial responsibility off onto the NHS.....complete and utter cunt.


6/18/2007 03:33:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 0 Comments

Today, so far, is not proving up there with the best of my days. This I know is because yesterday was a good day, and it is a rare event indeed, and one worthy of celebration when I have two good days in a row.

So why, such a bad day? Well, I feel frankly shite! I suppose like when 'normals' get the flu, and ache all over, through your muscles down deep, deep into your bones, but really that's just for starters. I don't think too closely about the pain, it's generally better not to think about it as 'ignoring' it for me is a better strategy for dealing with pain that never leaves you. My pelvis is niggling away, not as unstable as it has been, but determined to remind me that if I don't take it very easy today then it will have a tantrum all of it's own in the next couple of days rendering me unable to even drag myself to the loo. My hands/fingers/wrists are grumbling away at me as a write this, objecting fiercely, every so often one of the smalll bones dislocating, sometimes silently, sometimes with an unpleasant side effect Hollywood would probably pay good money to record! I refuse to even think about my shoulders as the left one has been dislocated now since September of last year, stubbornly popping back out within a few moments of anyone managing to have enough guts and skill to relocate it, the right one I gave up on years back. My ribs and hips are also well and truly in on the act, clearly not wanting to feel left out.

But none of that explains why I feel as though I just want to lay down and weep. That I'm guessing is a combination of things, partly the washed out, wet blanket type feeling, that comes from having physically pushed myself too hard, and partly the emotional stuff which is all a big muddle of the Man and my life. I know I always feel sad the day after I see the Man, but really this is all getting a bit too much! Having a bit of a cry about him is one thing, and probably well needed, but ending up once again weeping with frustration about not being in work, wanting to work, not being able to work, and feeling that it's all things I can't control that are stopping me from working...well, that's quite another!

I hate, hate, hate living like this, hate, hate, hate living on benefits, it is quite frankly shit. There is no other way to describe the awful degradation that being forced to live this way makes you feel, and anyone who thinks otherwise should try living my life for a couple of weeks.