Conference Diary Day 5: Day 4 Conservative Party Conference #cpc12

10/14/2012 12:03:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 2 Comments

Woke 5am shaking so hard I was almost convulsing. Cancelled all meetings. Pissed off.

Pain. Weeping. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain

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Vicki said...

Oh, Kaliya, what a price to pay - and how much all of us owe you for doing work way beyond your strength. There should be 3 not-so-bloody-tired people doing the job you're doing on your own.

And what makes me furious for you and everyone else, that the bean counters will look at what you did on Day 3 of the CPC and bleat about "fit to work". They really really don't get "fatigue" and pain, do they? They have no space in the spreadsheets for the cost in throwing up, lying down and living on painkillers.

Can somebody get Iain Duncan Smith to read your blog, I wonder?

RockHorse said...

Strongly seconding what Vicky said, above. And, preferably, get IDS to spend at least an hour reading your blog! Thanks for everything you do :)