7/08/2007 09:30:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 2 Comments

Today has disappeared in a blur of sleepiness, and I can't quite wrap my head around it now being almost 10pm. I've done nothing that I can remember, but suspect I've been doing something vague all day.

I woke up to the most dramatic, crashing, powerful rain. Fucking rain. Seems like, feels like it's just never gonna stop raining. All day I dozed off and on as it carried on raining and not.

Now it's later and I'm sleepy still, but still fighting it. Always I'm surprised by the extent to which this can overwhelm my body. All these years on, all this acceptance yet still it surprises me and still I try so hard to fight it, perhaps not so accepting after all.

The reason for such somnolence is two days of for me intense activity, for you probably two quiet and relaxed days, but for me enough to render this day lost.

The important meeting, then a second important meeting as consequence of the first with consequences all of it's own. Then a day all of fun, flying kites, ice creams, a man in a shirt claiming 'hugs not drugs' completely bewildered when I hugged him briefly passing by on the street giggling as I did so at the ridiculousness of his confusion.

But too much without stopping to pause, so for today at least, tomorrow yet to see it is enforced upon me


Hi there, great blog. I was benefit scrounging scum for a while but not sure if the title of your blog is ironic ...will check back to make sure another time.

Thanks Emmak for your lovely comments! So nice to have visitors to my blog so soon!

Yes, the title is ironic, but more in a social commentary kind of way, I'm receiving benefits for being a crippled spaz so that makes me benefit scrounging scum in the current socio-political climate.. prob needs a post of it's own BG x