Fuck you RyanAir

8/15/2007 03:03:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 5 Comments

For all the laughter and bravado, things like this crop up everywhere causing difficulty, complication and disability and quite frankly making me feel like shit. It seems that trying to book a flight could be a great deal more complicated than I'd thought. Fuckers.

Yes, if you are of reduced mobility, blind/vision impaired and travelling alone, with a sighted companion or with a guide dog then you must advise Ryanair of your condition and/or special assistance requirements on the same day as booking. Please see below for further information.*

Please note:
A blind or vision impaired passenger who is accompanied by a sighted companion (on a one to one ratio) and requires no special assistance is not subject to the above safety limitation of 4 per flight, however they must advise Ryanair of their condition on the same day as booking.Online check-in facility is not available to vision impaired passengers travelling with a sighted companion.

Please note: Ryan Air, this is unbelievably fucking offensive...4 per flight, 4 per flight...4 what per flight?!?! Oh, you mean people, well fuck me you utter cunts why didn't you say so. What's that, you've already been taken to court over this? Sounds like someone needs to haul your sorry arses back there, wankers. Tosspots and wankers.


Joanna Cake said...

Words fail me! But then I dont think Ive heard many good things about RyanAir apart from they're cheap... but Im not sure that actually makes up for the other less pleasant remarks.

It's just awful isn't it! What's really upsetting is how difficult it looks like it will be to try to book a flight/make the journey I want to (within Europe) I'm not sure I'll be able to go :(

Anonymous said...

ok i cant help but correct you, 4 per flight, has a reason, 4 flight attendents, the day something happens, which it jolly well can, there are 4 flight attendents on board, 4 cabin crew, 4 special needs passengers, more than that would mean us runnin back and forth throwin them down slides, where as if there are 4 we help and go down the slide and exit the aircraft with you...... thats the reason, and it is stated in the terms and conditions online, special needs passengers know that they have differnt terms and conditions to everyone else, not just with ryanair but with everyone. so dont blame us for doing our job, watch your language because it all has a procedure and a reason. ah ps im cabin crew

Anonymous said...

I fully agree. Ryanair is a shame to the airline industry. My family and I, have been humiliated, shouted at, and my 8 years old child has told us that she never want to go back to the UK. So much has been the terrible and sad experience we had last Sept in Stansted. I will never forgive Ryanair for what they did. For this I will forbid any of my employees ( 68 in total ) to fly Ryanair. And I will rewards any of my employee if they spread the word - do not fly Ryanair.
Last but not least here come a direct and personal message to the CEO of Ryanair. If one day you are in front of me, I promise you I will spit in your face for what you are doing with your SCUMBAG AIRLINE. I wish the European Eunion brings an end to this AIRLINES of yours. You belong in jail for what CEO you are Sir !

Rob said...

Ryainair is the worst airline I ever had the disgrace to fly with. Their business model is all about sucking you dry and use you as an atm machine with cheap tactics. Horrible experience, never again.