Catchin' up

10/16/2007 06:54:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 5 Comments

Time in that way it has of always seeming to drag impossibly slowly or race by so fast it's gone before you notice, seems to be going at a galloping pace this week. Along with the leaves from the trees I don't know where the days are disappearing to.

Yesterday I spent a not unpleasant afternoon with a nice man wrapping my feet in warm, wet cloths and then washing them clean. I can think of far worse to spend an afternoon. Before anyone gets too excited, I had a hospital appointment, this time podiatry. They'd run out of the type of foot moulds you stand on, so the podiatrist had to take impressions of my feet the 'old fashioned' way, by making little plaster castings of them. This does have a more valid reason than the NHS suddenly deciding to fund men to wash my feet, after all not even social services will fund that, it was so I can get some properly fitted orthotics to hopefully help me walk a bit better. Foot washing aside, the podiatrist was great, and it was nice to see someone who was so interested in EDS and had heard of it, rather than asking me what it was. He even made sure he had the name and hospital of the main specialist for the north of England so that he could let any other patients who might need those details know.

Although I've not been up to anything exciting, Ziggy has been having a fine old time with the girls of late. He's been on a few dates with Pixie girl who he met when we went out to the citycentre and so far so so. However, he had to wriggle out of a relationship with a girl he'd not wanted to go out with in the first place before he went on his first date with Pixie girl, a girl who's since driven him crackers with her obsessive phoning, texting and come home from her first term at university to show him her new tongue piercing. As you'd expect for a 21 year old man, he didn't turn down the offer to try it out. Now, what Ziggy doesn't know that I know is in the middle of all that he finally bedded his best friend Zelda, who of course has a rather more serious relationship of her own lurching from crisis to crisis on a daily basis. Somewhere in amongst all this Ziggy's lesbian ex-girlfriend has also been to pay him a booty call in the past week or's no wonder the boy's knackered!

Another neighbour, lets call this one Ernie, has been doing some work in the house for me (its quite the community round here) and has finally finished boxing in the, previously open plan stairs. I'm really pleased about this as the only radiator in the open plan living room is right under the stairs, and up until now the heat just poured up through the gaps in the stairs. This was especially annoying as there's also no radiator in the kitchen and that's open plan too, so just adding to the problem. Excitingly, oldest friend's disgusting old sofa was collected at the weekend, having finally been sold on ebay. Its strange, I've been living in this house for 4 years, but finally now that sofa has gone its starting to feel at least a little like my home.

There are still all sorts of extra things I have to do to get organised to go and see Big. Today I had to go to the pharmacy and order all my medications ahead of the time I usually would to make sure I have enough to take with me. Yesterday I called in at my GP practice to see about the letters I need to fly with medication. This for me is particularly important because the painkillers I take are a controlled drug. My GP has apparently written two separate letters and is charging me £10 which seems fair enough. However the receptionist couldn't find the letters or a prescription whilst I was there so I will have to go back again. It takes me far longer to get through day to day tasks like these as even on my best days pensioners sprint past me, so with all the little things that make up the day cluttering up time, they've sprinted past without blogging.


Vi said...

You trying to compete with blah goss there mate with Ziggy's goings on? lol!!!!

Heehee Vi, we have a running joke that if we webcammed up my lounge and Zig's bedroom bar the dealing we'd have our own series of Ideal going on!!!

Joanna Cake said...

But it's all worth it with Big as your eventual goal. And, hopefully, you'll have so much to blog about when you return :)

Casdok said...

I to have spent many a happy hour in podietry?! Im supposed to wear a splint (cos of an accident i had) but i dont!!

Cake, it is indeed all worth it to go and see Big :)

Casdok isn't it funny that we spend hours in these places and then never wear or use the equipment they give's usually so impractical! lol!