Run rabbit, run!

12/04/2007 12:21:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 5 Comments

On Saturday, much to Ziggy's amusement, Zelda and I ordered ourselves a Rabbit each from Lovehoney. Apparently Zelda already has a rabbit but her room is such a tip she can't find it. This is to be my first rabbit, I've always found the size of them a bit intimidating previously, but desperate times call for desperate measures. My previous trusty vibe has run out of batteries and I can't open it to put new ones in. I'm sure Ziggy would rise to the occasion so to speak and offer to help me out with that task just as he does with all sorts of other things, but frankly that's just taking the piss. There are some things a girl simply can't ask her mates to do for her. Cutting up my food in public, or carrying me up and down flights of stairs I deem acceptable. Changing the batteries on my vibrator I do not.

I did check that this new one had a simple screw opening instead of some daft squeeze and pull mechanism. Being single and having to use the damn thing on myself is chore enough, having to buy a new vibrator every time it runs out of batteries is taking it to a whole new level of needing a man.

Happily lovehoney sent me an email yesterday to let me know the order had been dispatched so I was expecting the delivery. Unhappily however the postman arrived when I was in the bathroom. Of course. More irritatingly it wasn't my usual postie, who is such a star he knows to hammer loudly on the front door and wait, and wait, and a bit longer whilst I make my way to the front door. Usual postie really is such a star he'll knock loud enough to wake me up and wait while I manage to get downstairs (no easy feat that!) So now I've got to go and try and collect the parcel from the post office a couple of towns away, after I've waited the requisite amount of time for the parcel to get back there. After that I may be gone some time!


Mary said...

Hi bendygirl :)

No need to publish this, I just thought I should warn you - when you left your comment on my blog, my hotmail account thought your hotmail account was a bad'un - unverified sender or some such - and didn't want to let me open the email, just showed lots of warnings and red shields with crosses on and the suchlike. Don't know what's going on there, but you're the only person that's happened with to me - even my spam doesn't get flagged that much!

Thanks for letting me know, it seems its not just a problem for me, but no-one as yet knows what to do about it! BG x

Vi said...

oooo, I can't wait for your review of the rabbit! You must name it as well (Thumper is taken! lol)

heheheheheh hiya I will never ever take the simple pleasure of having a wank for granted again...

cheers kim..(still Giggling)

I had posted a comment on your previous post about internet dating and it has vanished pffft...

So here is the free site I had

cheers again Kim