Britblog Roundup - The Scumbag/Faggot Edition

1/02/2008 10:31:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 8 Comments

I missed posting this before Christmas, this post was featured in the Britblog round up. Hello and thanks to anyone coming in from there.


Anonymous said...

hey keep smiling

ur a star

no one

Complex Girl said...

Happy New Year BG!! If 2008 can't find a miracle cure for you, then may it bring you lots of gorgeous men, hot sex, and the odd lottery win xx

No one: Welcome, and thank you x

CG: Happy New Year to you too! Lets hope for all those things for both of us sweetie! x x x

I have left some flowers on my blog for you... cheers kim

Gledwood said...

Hello my dear.

You call yourself benefits scrounging scum: may I ask why?

are you ill?

in which case you are not scum.

are you unemployed?

in which case you are not scrounging as long as you are unemployable (sorry I just speak for myself here) or genuinely jobseekingly out of work

I come across your blog via friend of friend etc's

thought I would say hi while here!


"Vol 2"...

Anonymous said...

Hey,love the blog!
Just wanted to draw your readers attention to this

Just thought it might interest them :)

Kim: Thank you for the flowers x

Gledwood: Welcome and Thanks for saying hi. The benefit scrounging thing is partly ironic and partly a statement on how it feels to have to genuinely live on benefits these days.

Emmy: Welcome and thank you! Thanks for the link to the petition too, it's a disgrace isn't it? BG x

Anonymous said...

I think it's awful,so was pleased when I found the petition!
And besides,I figure it's a lot more useful than
"Reveal The Truth About Extraterrestrial Visitation To Our Planet"