Wetherspoons Update

2/29/2008 05:25:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 12 Comments

Thank you to everyone who commented to offer support and/or advice after the Wetherspoon's incident.

I wrote a letter of formal complaint and following Jim's advice I sent a copy to the local licensing authority. I received prompt responses to both letters, the licensing authority telling me that my

"complaint is currently being investigated and [they] will write to you again with the outcome"

They also gave a (direct line) phone number and suggested if I have any queries I should contact them

Wetherspoons however simply said

"Thank you for your letter we received yesterday and for taking the time to write to us.
We are currently investigating the issues you raised and will be in touch in due course"

I'm very touched and grateful for the support that other bloggers have shown over this issue, Jackart posted on the subject, and Stonehead has not only posted on the subject but emailed Wetherspoons himself to let them know what he thinks. Gowen and Humaniform (who is I think Matt Wardman) have also posted on the subject.

I'll keep you all posted as and when I hear anything.


Casdok said...

When i wrote to Wetherspoons about their attitude with C (we were asked to leave as he was standing up and rocking, and not in anyones way) they actually apologised and sent us a voucher.
Which incidenlty i havent used as i havent been back since.
Will be interesting to hear what they say to you.

Unknown said...

Well done, you. Now go find a nice, strong petard on which you can hoist them.

That 'orrible little man.. the manager needs to be dealt with..

xxx kim

Vi said...

sweetie, those are fob off letters. Keep at them. (I know cause I worked for a company in the uk who sent out the same thing, hoping you will go away)

Dark Side said...

As Vi says, keep chasing they are standard letters they have to send to everyone within a certain time scale to meets SLA's.

It would be interesting to see the next move, keep on at them...and don't accept vouchers because if your anything like me you will be totally boycotting the place from now on...good luck babe..xx

Jim said...

Hi BG, I'm keen to see how the licensing board responds. Up here in Scotland, if someone complains we pull the licensee in front of the board and also invite the complainer to attend. Our powers to do anything about a complaint about service are very limited, but its not a nice experience for the licensee and I haven't known the same person to come back twice.

Weatherspoons really should know better in my opinion.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Keep at them BG. Explaining that I have ehlers danlos in public to rude & intimidating personnel who should know better is not my style either, you have my sympathy. Perhaps introducing Wetherspoons to the Spoon Theory would help them out!!! Look it up at www.butyoudontlooksick.com for those that haven't of it. Achelois xoxo

I'll be surprised if Wetherspoons admits to any wrongdoing on their own, but I hope something comes of the complaint you sent to the licensing authority.

Joanna Cake said...

As Emma said, they have to send out a standard acknowledgement within a certain time frame. There are also set periods in which they have to respond properly and then some kind of limitation waiver that insists that you either accept their response or take the matter further with an Ombudsman within a specific period from the date of the original complaint.

PS I have tagged you. If you dont feel up to it, I will totally understand.

Fire Byrd said...

the conceit of such companies as weatherspoons is unbelievable. If it wasn't for the people who go in them they wouldn't exsist, it would be worth bearing this in mind sometimes I think if I was the MD.

Anonymous said...

I've left comments on this post twice in the last couple of days, but they're not showing. Any problem? Or am I going in the spam filter?

Casdok: I'm sorry, but sadly not surprised to hear wetherspoons also mistreated you and C, but it's good they apologised.

lceel: I plan to ;)

Kim: He is indeed a sad little bully!

Vi: I thought the one from wetherspoons was

Emma: TY, it's great to have all this help from bloggers x

Jim: I also think that the licensing board are more likely to investigate than wetherspoons themselves

Achelois: Sadly I don't think anything much will help this moron out! Hope you're ok BG x

Girl: My thoughts exactly

Cake: TY. The knowledge and support provided by other bloggers has made this so much easier

Pixie: I know! I try to go to independant places where I can, but it's just not always possible, especially cos of cost

Stoney: I think there must be some sort of problem with blogger..though I don't know what. I checked the junk filters on hotmail to see if comments are ending up in there but that's not the case. I'm pretty sure you're not the only person leaving comments and then having them disappear, but it's certainly not me editing them! I'm not sure what to suggest other than say sorry it wasn't me, damn blogger! I appreciate all you've done to help over this. BG x x x