Saturday Afternoon

3/07/2008 06:30:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 6 Comments

When Ziggy opened the front door earlier both he and his girlfriend commented on the lovely smell in my house. It was Ziggy who had to open the front door as I was incapable of doing anything having walked too far, sent my pain levels through the roof and so having had a drink. Just the one. Some sort of shot that I dropped into my hot chocolate. It did dull the pain levels down a bit, but also rendered me floppily unable to stand up. I had to be half carried, half dragged across the road. The laughing didn't help. Actually the bong I'd had before I left the house to deal with the chocolate death walk probably didn't help so much either.

I fell asleep in front of the film we put on and so forgot to tell them that the source of the nice smell wasn't a scented candle, or any of the house plants. This time it was kitty #2 and the bathroom floor. I was late getting ready to see Red last night and went to clean my teeth. Starting as usual with a good shake to the mouthwash bottle, the kind you have to mix up. I can't open things easily so tend to leave everything part open after getting someone else to break the seal for me.
Cue one exploding bottle of mouthwash all over me, the bathroom and kitty#2. She was, not surprisingly, deeply unimpressed. The bottle top flew off so violently I eventually found it jammed behind one of the small pipes at the bottom of the toilet. It's now a slippery minty fresh ice rink in there. Sigh. And the cat still smells of icy fresh zabactyl. Whatever that is.


I have to know what kind of shot goes with hot chocolate! I don't really drink, but if there's chocolate involved, I've gotta try it!

I can't call you nuts for going on that chocolate death walk. . . it seems perfectly reasonable to my chocolate-addicted self. :)

Casdok said...

How funny, i do love your sense of humour!

cogidubnus said...

kitty#2 eh...I just knew you had to be one of us multiple cat people...

Girl: Now why did I think you of all people would get it ;) I'm not a big drinker (for obvious reasons!) I don't like the taste of most alcoholic drinks, and cause it makes me fall over so fast, well, just not a good idea.
Having said that, Baileys will go in hot chocolate really well, and I think the shot I put in was either amaretto or kahlua, which is coffee flavoured. Both of which would work well with hot chocolate. Enjoy trying it out, and make sure you don't need to go anywhere! BG x

Casdok:'ve got to have a warped sense of humour to cope with any kind of disability I always think! BG x

Cogi: Absolutely! Actually kitty#2 is a very lonely single cat atm since her mother died last year. At 15 I think she's too old to cope with being introduced to another cat (plus she's not the most sane of cats) so for now, it's just the one. How many have you got? BG x

cogidubnus said...

Hi BG - just the five at present...but more usually over the past twenty years or so six or seven.

However, the nice people nextdoor north have 13 (!) and those nextdoor south a mere 4...this is catshit city this is!

Cogi: OMG, that's alot of cats! It is cat city where I live, but as it's mainly concrete they all shit on my next door neighbours flat roof. Sigh, the smell in summmer is awful! lol!