Bend me, shape me...

4/11/2008 08:26:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 15 Comments

Apparently there is too much talk of sex, drugs and lady parts in this blog. Ahem. To correct that I thought I'd post some photos. Apologies for the quality, it turns out taking pictures of yourself on a mobile phone whilst contorting into odd shapes is a bit tricky!


cogidubnus said...

Oooh you have some lovely parts, (almost as twisted as my mind!) pant, puff, pant...phew, more dried frog pills needed I think...

Joanna Cake said...

I keep telling my son off for cracking his knuckles. I think I may have to start tutting at you too!

Despite my own pretzel experiences, it took me a minute to figure out what was going on in each picture! And those are pretty good for having been taken with a phone camera!

Slip said...

I see your point. Taking the photos would be difficult. If you ever find me folded up like that call an ambulance.

Vi said...

*waving madly*


Sorry I haven't been around for awhile, been absolutely hectic. Hopefully I can catch up properly soon!


Fire Byrd said...

ah yes, too much sex, but we get your lacy lingerie instead.... you just can't help it can you... LOL

Anonymous said...

BENDY isn't the word.

Your hips make me go Ouch!

I can do the hands too but I can do it better with my toes!

I think you should don your sexiest undies and model for the 'forward flexion' shot on your blog! :-D

Anna said...

I can do I think all of these things... is it wrong that I don't want a diagnosis? I already have asthma, ME and depression and general hypermobility, IBS, loose achilles tendons etc... I don't want anything ELSE.

I tend to fold myself up when I'm tired. But because my mum is hypermobile and I just always assumed everyone could do the bendy things, I still am not quite sure what is normal...

Cogi: Dried frog indeed! lol x

Cake: Erm, I'm saying nothing! Re knuckle cracking, I'm told (by specialist rheumatologists) that it's not anything to worry about. The sound is simply the build up of natural gases in the joint space being released and has nothing to do with the onset of arthritis. That said, if someone's hands are very bendy as opposed to 'just' being cracked it's worth issuing a warning anyway x

Girl: I thought they came out ok, but I'm going to get Red to take some better ones. I know what you mean about it being difficult to tell, I'm just the same. Weird that isn't it?

Slip: Haha, the photos were definitely the difficult bit! Don't try it at home ;)

Vi: Hiya x x

Pixie: I don't know what you might be implying?! ;) Funnily enough, that's a top you can see not lingerie! lol x

Steph: I'd forgotten about doing that with your toes!! That's not the full extent of my hip mobility
though as it was me taking the shots. Despite being told they are the second worse set of hips he's ever seen by the expert in leeds (the worst belong to a friend of mine who has suffered a spinal cord injury due to her instability and lack of treatment.) I'm still of the mindset that they're not that hypermobile really.
I'm going to try to get someone to video my hips just flicking in and out of the socket, so that's something to look forward too! lol x
PS: Not sure about the underwear bending;) lol

Anna: Perhaps the way to look at it is that diagnosis only means you have a label to hang your symptoms on and explain/understand them, or perhaps have some of your other diagnosis removed? I don't have and wouldn't bother with looking for diagnosis of IBS or loose achilles tendons etc, why? Because the diagnosis of EDS makes them moot.
You might like to look at the diagnostic criteria for hypermobility syndrome (basically hypermobility + symptoms) at

Like you I tend to think that bendyness is normal, but if you are able to bend in similar ways, trust me it's not. Besides, you already know you're hypermobile so it's been noticed. good luck, BG x

Jim said...

What killjoy was complaining about too much talk of sex, drugs, and ladyparts? :-(

Ettina said...

I can do the 'crossing all fingers' thing too! Never met anyone else who did that.
I'm autistic and hypermobile. I don't think I have EDS, because I don't have any other traits of it as far as I know. No stretchy skin or things like that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these. I learn a lot from your blog. I never knew what hyper mobility was before reading here.

Anonymous said...

Hi BG - long time lurker, never commenter here...I've never come across anyone else who can cross all their fingers like that :)

It's a bit of a party trick of mine, along with being able to touch the inside of my wrist with my thumb.

When I was a child (30 something now!) my gran always said I was double jointed - is it really that unusual? Or maybe I'm just a bit strange after all!!


Jim: I know, spoilsports ;)

Ettina: I keep hearing that there is thought to be a possible link between EDS and autism, but I don't know how well its being researched.
About 10% of the population are hypermobile without it being anything more than a 'party trick', it's a much smaller percentage who have either Hypermobility Syndrome and even fewer who have EDS

Marla: TY, isn't it great how informative blogging is!

Rosa: Hello and thanks for your comments. Like I said to Ettina about 10% of the population are hypermobile with no ill effects, so you may well be 'double jointed'. However, if you have any problems with pain, joint instability, etc its worth your while checking out the diagnostic criteria for HMS or EDS at either or Good luck, and hope to hear from you again, BG

Anonymous said...

Huh. I can do the finger-crossing trick (and, I think, dislocate my thumb on command), but I can't touch my toes. Weird.