Think Twice

4/03/2008 08:18:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 15 Comments

Plugged in to my headphones, music blasting in my ears, teeth gritted, I was focused on keeping upright, putting one foot in front of the other. I was walking along the Coronation Street style alleyway, conscious that despite the safety of the area it possibly wasn't the best idea to do so alone at dusk. Particularly not with headphones on. But doing it anyway.

I felt their presence before I heard them. I was sure there was someone coming up behind me. My right hip feeling as though it was on fire with acid hot pain I knew my gait was particularly poor but could only concentrate on keeping going.

The first time I looked over my shoulder I couldn't see anyone. I assumed my instincts were playing tricks on me and went back to concentrating on moving. Thinking about the chocolate reward at the end of it all.

So when I saw the two lads, faces obscured by their hoods I felt a moment of fear. I'd ignored my instincts that there had been someone there and my body was announcing how stupid that was with a rush of adrenaline.

Still unable to hear I fumbled with clumsy hands to pull out my headphones. The boys wearing hoods had passed me and were now turning round to face me. My heart plummeted.

Then, ever so politely a voice came from the closer of the hood wearing teenagers. And asked me if I was alright.


Vi said...

Oh how sweet! If only they wouldn't wear those hoods!

Elaine said...

You almost restore my faith in humanity.

Casdok said...

I was holding my breath then.
Nice to hear.

what Casdok said...

*sighs* .....

Anonymous said...

Yikes. I thought for sure something was going to happen. Thank goodness. I have had many experiences like that where we live. But, you never know. It is best to be careful and alert.

really uplifting thought! Some youth are really dear people.

Unknown said...

Nice story. Had me going there, for a moment. I mean, if someone hurt you, I'd have to get back on a plane and go over there and kick some ass. And frankly, that's a long plane ride. I'd be cranky by the time I got there. Then I'd REALLY have to hurt somebody. And, given that I am a newly-christened pacifist, that begins to go counter to my (new) nature. So, all in all, I'm so glad things turned out well.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully scripted!

Hope you got your reward of a choccie fix? :D

Today the word verification is asking me to type 'orgy steh(stay)' - I was sorely tempted! ;-)

Jim said...

what Casdok said too

Dark Side said...

It does show that they really aren't all bad, I take kids to away matches and most are 14-16 year old hoody wearers and they are all brill, some can be prats but usually only in an amusing way...well written post as ever Bendy...xx

Anonymous said...

I love you bendy girl xx

James Higham said...

Yes, this is a good tale and takes us through the understandable fear. If only it always ended like this.

Samantha said...

What a great tale, I was holding my breath until you got to the end.

Roland Hulme said...

Cute story!

Vi: They were sweet!

Elaine: Why thank you ;)

Kim and Casdok: Always good to challenge a few perceptions ;) x x

Marla: indeed

Slip: Yes!

EmmaK: I find most of them are decent if given a chance to be

Lou: Wow, ty. I know who to call on if anyone should hurt me ;) x

Steph: It's all about the choccy! x

Jim: indeed

Emma: ty. I can't help but feel most of the bad press about kids is just that. x

That northern bloke: Hello! Waves! Hadn't seen you around for a while, how the hell are you?

Semaj: Too true, but like I say, I find if given the chance 'most' people will take it

Samantha and roland: Ty