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Behind every political decision affecting the lives of disabled people.....

Is a politician just like this....


What do you call a guy with no legs...oh, never mind. That will just get me in more trouble... ;-)

I see your point, but there are honest mistakes in life, and we're all the butt of them at one point or another. Politicians just do it more openly.

I remember about 10 months after my transplant, when I was back at work, when a good friend and I were kidding around. He would always razz me about one thing or another, and I would give it back as good as he would give it.

Well, on this fine day, he makes a smart comment to me, I fling one back at him and he replies with "Go drop dead, will you." He realized what came out of his mouth just a little too late, so I just smiled at him and said "I already tried that and it didn't work."

He was apologizing to me for the rest of the day, but all I could do was snicker...

"stand up and be counted"....

yeah, right.

One Sick Mother

MrN: Absolutely...I'll tell you some of the howlers I've heard another time!
I meant this in a pundit kitchen kind of way, but the main point stands, most politicians have no understanding of the lives of the people they legislate over, whether that be in relation to disability or anything else

Onesick: Quite!

I agree with you on that about politicians. They may indeed at first have a deep connection with their constituents, but over time I think that wanes for most of them as they become stuck in the morass that is modern politics. They're so busy jockeying for power positions in order to serve their constituents, (or more likely, themselves) that they forget who it is they are serving.

Would love to hear some of those stories.

Unknown said...

Ah yes, the old political tap dance -- and he didn't miss a step.

No One said...

good luck bendy