Blog Day

9/01/2008 09:19:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 8 Comments

I'd never heard of Blog Day, but thanks to Wordsmith for Hire, who's also said embarrassingly lovely things about my blog I have now! It may be a day late, but after some considerable difficulty narrowing it down, in no particular order, here are my 5 blogs;

Uncle Norman
is an ex paratrooper who now works as a security consultant (no, this isn't the Captain) and gives a fascinating insight into his world.

Brainblogger who some might say had a bit of a thing for Jeremy Kyle writes about his experiences of the welfare state and more from the perspective of someone with a traumatic brain injury.

is my fabulous real life friend and fellow bendy girl who writes about life with EDS from the perspective of a full time wheelchair user, wife, mother and (currently ex) nurse

Nelson's Column
is a very funny, if sporadic insight from the owner of Wordsmith For Hire, felix domesticus.

Carnalis because frankly we all need a bit of smut in our lives, and this comes with food too. What more could you want?



Anonymous said...

Oh I will enjoy! Thank you for sharing your picks.
I am glad to be back! You have written so much since I was on my bloggy break! You go girl!

Trixie said...

*Waves madly*


I'm back from Spain and madly trying to get through the 400 posts on my bloglines. Just to let you know I'm back and will catch up properly soon.

(Plus thanks for the birthday wishes!)

Casdok said...

You deserve to have embarrassingly lovely things said about your blog!

Unknown said...

I agree with Casdok. Are you SURE you want to send ME to Carnalis?

Joanna Cake said...

Wot they said about your blog! Id have loved to do Blog Day but now Im too late. Ah well, next year :) If anyone else is interested, there's a Blog Action Day coming up in October and this year it's in support of the erasure of poverty.

Fire Byrd said...

And I'm even later!
I've already checked out one, so that's finding the time for the others now.... now which was the saucy one!

Marla: Thank you and glad you're back, its not the same without you and Maizie!

Trixie: Glad to see you back and read all about it!

Cas: Aww, thank you sweetie. Holiday by the sea for you anytime ;)
I'm still really excited about you being recognised at Liberty, how cool!

Lou:TY! As for sending you there, you go of your own free will ;)

HMC: Aw, thank you! I was a day late-but then I'm late for everything! Blog Action day sounds interesting, have you got a link?

FB: Lol late is good! I think you'll be interested in the first one with some of the work I know you do

Carnalis said...

iceel - i don't bite (much)

Thank you very much for the mention, you are very kind. i should bake more cakes but, with this weather, i am inclined towards hot comfort food (expect crumble soon).