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12/30/2008 12:16:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 4 Comments

You may find these posts interesting:

And a scally in a hoodie........

Efficiency and progress is ours once more

Disabled Rights Delay

Clairwil's Benefit Reform

UK 'must ratify' disability pact

I'll update with links if and when I have the chance.


Anonymous said...

See what happens when I quit? The place just falls apart without me...


Anonymous said...

I should add, the opinions behind the song mentioned in the BBC article are pretty common among Job Centre staff. Fortunately the DCS rank-and-file have a much more positive (if slightly patronizing) opinion of their customers.

Nicey said...

Great news on the flat what a way to start to 2009 a whole new begining eh, you take care hun

Optistatic said...

Ooh - Birkenhead Job Centre. I used to go there. Having grown up in Birkenhead, I suppose I belonged there, really. Nonetheless, it was quite depressing. Nonetheless? Ha! It was mostly depressing because of that! Thank goodness that phase did not last long: I re-located geographically, and therefore attended a much classier job centre elsewhere in the North West.

Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories! ;-)