The Charlatan and the DWP

2/06/2009 09:40:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 3 Comments

The Charlatan and the DWP.

The introduction of lie Detectors for benefit scroungersthe DWP's valued customers caused a great deal of concern for many disabled people. Happily those concerns seem to be foundless as

"Any qualifed speech scientist with some computer background can see at a glance, by consulting the documents, that the methods on which the program is based have no scientific validity."


Casdok said...

I would like to see tham try a lie dectector test on C!!!

Fire Byrd said...

They're probably just saving the thumb screws to use instead!

Does make you question what world some government depts live in and where some of their behaviour comes from.

I was 'lie detected' last month for housing benefit/council tax benefit by Edinburgh City Council. Fortunately I knew about the VRA technology beforehand because their declaration about using it was deliberately obscure. "This call may be recorded for quality control and fraud purposes" is NOT the same as an open declaration "We're about to try and use a lie detector on your responses to this telephone interview." The excuse for the interview was "improving the quality of our service" not "attempting to determine if you're a cheat or not". Still shirty about this...