1 in 10

3/06/2009 05:36:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 3 Comments

Each year, around 1 in 10 women in Britain experience rape or other violence.

I've been that 1 in 10 on more than one occasion. The vast majority of my female* friends have also been that 1 in 10 at some point in their lives.

Being happy is the best revenge, but it can take many years to achieve, and is even harder a place to reach without help and support.

*as have several male friends. It is even more difficult for men to speak out and seek help, but this particular campaign is for women.


Fire Byrd said...

Yep been there got the T shirt, and then had the lies as to where I'd got the black eye from.
Self respect is what I have now.

Joanna Cake said...

I know I have been very fortunate... but that is still a very alarming statistic.

gemmak said...

Thats an horrendous statistic! I have been lucky, I am one of the 9, I can't imagine dealing with the aftermath of rape and have massive respect and sympathy for those that do, 'Happiness is the best revenge' is an amazing and positive attitude to have :O)