April so far...

4/16/2009 04:37:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 13 Comments

It's been a beautiful month so far,

plenty of blue skies and perfect sailing days

And paddling in the waves

Whatever age you might be,

Toby aged 20 months was having a great time!
It's a shame about the rubbish,

and human filth washed up by the tide,

Spoiling a place as beautiful as this

Still, after the sun goes down and my curtains close on the view, the curls come out


alhi said...

Oh, wow are those curls natural??? So much nicer than the poker straight hair that seem to be in vogue these days.
Post some pics of the new flat, do!

Alhi: Yes, the curls are natural, only helped by half a ton of whichever serum they feel like accepting at the time! I'll get some flat photos sorted just for you ;)

alhi said...

Thank you. I also meant to say that I saw your comment on twitter ages ago that your profile pic is your own feet! Painful looking but very effective to show what EDS means you can do! Do you think the people who appear on Britain's Got Talent doing weird and wonderful bendy things with their body have it? In which case you should consider it, if you can bear the pain!

Fire Byrd said...

lovely pics, definately want to come on your beach. So let me know when your around as you're getting Barack Obama to listen to.

Aaah springtime by the beach is lovely but bloody rubbish left behind makes me cranky though.. It is still nice here as we head into winter. Nice photo of yourself as well. I was going to send you an email but I am here now :)

Veronica received a definite diagnosis yesterday. It is classic EDS.. *Sigh* We would never have received a diagnosois if it wasn't for you BG.

I am still a bit shattered as well as relieved that finally after 7 years of fighting for answers We have one.

So even though I am way too young to have a daughter in her thirties I am officially adopting you.

Much love sweetheart xoxoxox

Lovely photos, lovely curls, and a lovely woman. Yes folks, the verdict is in. She's hot.

Thanks for the pics.

Madison Rose said...

Oooo, we get a face to put to the posts! Aceness :)

Casdok said...

Very beautiful blue skies. Such a pity about the rubbish.
Love those curls :)

cogidubnus said...

Still stunning after all these years...

Anonymous said...

Did I read right? Singe?

You're gorgeous......

Alhi: In older texts you sometimes see EDS referred to as the circus gene! Unfortunately for most of us such contortions are too painful to perform, the fragile collagen won't allow muscles to be trained enough to provide the kind of strength such postures demand.
Having said that, I do think the vast majority of such performers start off with some degree of natural hypermobility but these days now more is known the elite(eg Royal Ballet school) dance or gymnastics trainers will rule out children who are naturally hypermobile as they know how damaging it will be to their bodies later in life. I need to sort out some videos/images of my hip popping in and out for the blog though!

FB: Thank you so much for Barack. It was really lovely to see you yesterday, such a fun day and don't worry, I was knackered before you turned up ;) See you again soon x

Mommy Kim: Love you too!! Hope things are starting to settle down by now.

MrN: Blushes! Thank you :)

Madison: I always like to see photos of bloggers I read so figured why not!

Cas: I'm so lucky to live next to a beach, curls an' all!

Cogi: Aww, thank you :)

Anon: Yes, single. Terminally so...I'm thinking of putting myself and Bendy Cat on ebay, the highest bidder gets lumbered with us both! Thanks for your compliment:)

Dave the Dog said...

If an old guy in uniform suddenly pulls up and jumps out of his vehicle as you're twiddling your toes in the surf don't worry. It will only be me to say hello. Mind you, large patrol area so the chances are slim. ;o)

Dave the Dog: Hello:) I'm guessing you recognise the area then? Drop me a mail to let me know if you do! What colour uniform do you wear?!