BNP fail to see the point of keeping disabled people alive

6/04/2009 11:05:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 12 Comments

Today in England the elections for the European parliament are held. As so many people wish to protest against New Labour and the all party expenses scandal smaller parties are expected to do well. In many areas the BNP ( British National Party) have been campaigning heavily. Most people are aware that the BNP are primarily racist thugs, but I doubt as many are aware of their views about disabled people.

After the tragic death of David Cameron's son Ivan earlier this year Jeffrey Marshall, senior organiser for the BNP made this statement on an internet forum:

"We live in a country today which is unhealthily dominated by an excess of sentimentality towards the weak and unproductive. No good will come of it."

Later, in response to other comments on the site, Marshall allegedly wrote

"There is not a great deal of point in keeping these people alive after all."

Many people, including myself, are so disillusioned and disgusted by the behaviour of politicians they don't know who to vote for, or even whether to vote at all. Whilst that's understandable, it's also likely to lead to gains for extremist groups such as the BNP.

A society should be judged by how it cares for it's most vulnerable. The BNP believe that to be an excess of sentimentality and can't see the point in keeping such disabled people alive. Is that the kind of country we really want to live in?


Megan said...

This is terrible! I don't understand how this issue seems to continuously be ingrained in our societies around the globe. It makes me sick. Where is the compassion and the ability to see that individuals with disabilities are quite capable, are intelligent, and are HUMAN, etc. I just don't get it.

Andy said...

Over in Nottingham a BNP activist managed to sneak onto the council housing disbled persons' consultation forum.

But we pwnd him

Andy said...

OT - James Purnell has resigned woohoo!

cogidubnus said...

In many respects, the older I get, the more reactionary I seem to become...I freely acknowledge it (and often laugh at myself for adopting attitudes I always felt were reserved for my parents!)...

But how anybody with more than an over-reactive brainstem could bring themselves to vote for these c**ts is more than I can comprehend...

I'm with you...

Mary said...

Hello BSC,
All I can say is that when you render people so helpless that they become enraged, watch out.

Mary: I'm so dim, but please put me out of my misery...who's BSC?

Perhaps someone should put Marshall out of his misery, as it is obvious that the strain of thinking is disabling his common decency.

"A society should be judged by how it cares for it's most vulnerable."

I absolutely agree with the above statement.

Although I'm an ethnic minority, I don't feel threatened about this bunch of crackpots (the BNP). I have faith in the British people. The BNP will never gain enough support.

MarkB81 said...

You are a very smart cookie and sadly your predictions of the BNP gains have been proved right. I didn't even think they're perverse way of thinking extended to the disabled. Is the N in BNP really for National or Nazi???
Loving your work and will be following your words of wisdom from now on.

Cheers, Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

Its such a shame that the BNP have got even the tiniest foothold. They are dangerous people and shouldn't be condoned.

I wasted my vote as sadly there is no option to abstain which is the only way I could have made my point.

Anarchist Old Biddy said...

"I wasted my vote as sadly there is no option to abstain which is the only way I could have made my point."

Spoil your vote. I've been doing that for years. If everyone who was truly disillusioned with the way politics has been run for years now, who don't bother to vote, actually spoiled their vote, there might be enough of a blip to make the media take notice at least.

I'm not claiming it's a panacea. But I think spoiling your vote is still exercising your democratic right to register your disapproval, rather than either not voting, or trying to vote tactically against the BNP, etc. with its logistical problems (There were about 15 candidates on the recent ballot paper I spoiled. I didn't know anything about them at all, and it's not because I don't try and find out!) and finding oneself forced to choose between a 'douchebag or a turd' (South Park reference!)

I wrote on mine "none are fit" then next to the BNP candidate "Oh dear God no."

Anonymous said...

Spoiling your ballot is always good fun. Before they can be eliminated they must be shown to the returning officer, candidates, and various other people. This can result in embarassment and awkwardness all around, depending on what is written. I imagine a clever comment on a spoiled ballot has more impact than voting ever could.