The sun is shining

6/01/2009 12:17:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 7 Comments

So until further notice (ie the rain!) I'll be bikini clad in a patch of sunlight somewhere. Hope you're all too busy enjoying the sunshine to even see this post! BG x


alhi said...

Lucky you. Am grading exams (mostly illegible). But then again, a super sensitivity to the sun possibly means it's better for me not to be in it (and certainly not bikini-clad! Would be a sight for very sore eyes).

Fire Byrd said...

Sun's gone in so I've come in, not that I would be wearing a bikini either... not a good sight.
Long may this lovely stuff continue, well at least till we all get bored of it and start talking about wanting some rain!!

Dark Side said...

Have fun in the sun Bendy...I am with Byrd on the Bikini front....sun would go

cogidubnus said...

Oh god....more ice please nurse...


Justa a bit pink meself!

Veronica said...

Oh lucky you! It's bitterly cold here at the moment.

It WAS sunny and warm, up until yesterday...but, the more important thing is, PICTURES, WE WANT PICTURES!!! Ahem...sorry, went into guy mode for a moment.

Enjoy your time in the sun.