Bog Off! Exhibit 13 The girl in the mirror

7/21/2009 06:51:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 8 Comments

This was the disabled toilet located in the Borders store at Cheshire Oaks. It could have been cleaner, but compared to the standards of many supposedly accessible loos it wasn't too bad.

Unusually the pull for help cord was actually hanging down to the floor where it should be rather than having been cut off or looped around a grab bar to 'keep it out of the way'

The one big criticism I'd make of this particular disabled toilet is that for anyone with visual impairment it would be terribly difficult to use. There are no contrasting colours, the grab bars are white against white tiles, all of which reflect the light in a somewhat dazzling manner producing the effect you see in this first photo (no flash used)

The toilet would also have been difficult for a wheelchair user to access properly. As you can just see in this photo the sanitary disposal bin was so close to the right hand side of the toilet it didn't allow any room to manoeuvre.

On the upside, it even had a mirror for my lipgloss....which was actually positioned at the correct height for a wheelchair user...or short bendy person!


Casdok said...

Looks a decent size too. I have to go into the loo with C and all to often i find i end up standing over him as there is no space.

I always look at the disabled loos with a critical eye now, thanks to you. I keep on forgetting to take photos though. (((hugs))) Kim

Fire Byrd said...

Good to know that your search continues around the toilets of Britain. And that you found one that was almost good enough.

Achelois said...

I like your outfit - xoxox

You ought to write a book on this subject: "Bog Off!: One Woman's Search For The Perfect Disabled-Friendly Loo." ;-)

Unknown said...

Have I told you lately I think you're gorgeous?

cogidubnus said...

What he spades and redoubled!

Anonymous said...

Hi Just found your blog (via The Welfare State We're In).
I have some crip-loo tales to tell!
Why are the doors always SO heavy?
Why is it that once you get the wheelchair in there, you can't turn around and get out again?
Many have baby changing tables in them-the fold down from the walls ones. Great I use them. Have to stand up to do it though! (fortunately I can-lots of wheelchair using mums can't).
And the panic I was faced with at the maternity hospital once when I dared to ask for the toilet! LOL
Keep up the good work.