Bog Off! Exhibit 14-Doing it the NHS way!

8/07/2009 11:36:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 3 Comments

This Bog Off! was sent in by Benefit Scrounger reader Louise Bolotin. In her words;

Naming and shaming here:

this was taken at the Alexandra Park Medical Centre in Moss Side,
Manchester (GP practice with a specialist weekly epilepsy clinic). It
was very clean and there was plenty of space to manoeuvre a wheelchair
but the light switch was too high (and not easy to find as it was inside
the loo rather than outside the door).
But the first thing I noticed on walking in was the alarm cord tied up so high it was even above the
cistern! I told the reception staff and pointed out that if I'd had a
seizure in there I'd not have been able to call for help... The
receptionist was suitable embarrassed and promised to sort it out.

Let's hope they do!

Thanks Louise and come on the rest of you...the best and worst of the UK's (or any other country's) accessible toilets are just waiting to be displayed here in all their glory!


Thank you, I have been thinking of trying to do a similar project for the worst curb cuts but these toilets are also something that one should see to believe. The cord was 'out of the way' I am sure some helpful person thought. Errr...yes.

Anonymous said...

I really must get & send you a picture of a disabled loo just in the entrance of a bar near Spitalfields in London. I can't see anything wrong with the loo itself, it might be a bit tight with a wheelchair, but the problem is the only way into the bar is a very steep step which ironically is right next to the disabled loo!

Damon Lord said...

At a preivious place of employment, the cord was always tucked out of the way, by the cleaners. Despite complaining to management and the cleaners, I was told that it was necessary to tuck it out of the way as it was a health and safety risk to let it hang down, as someone might pull it when in the toilet and set alarms off.

Well duh....

This was only one of many things wrong with the company. I quickly quit shortly thereafter.