Bog Off! Exhibit 17-Thank goodness it's not smell-o-vision!

10/13/2009 06:38:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 3 Comments

This Bog Off was photographed at a local pub. It had the typical problem of the help cord being tied up out of reach of anyone on the floor. Also, although this was a toilet with specific extra support provided for a disabled person, as is all too common the placing of the grab rails and sanitary disposal bin made it impossible for a wheelchair user to safely transfer back and forth.

However, as the title indicates the biggest problem with this loo was one which couldn't be photographed....and count yourselves lucky it couldn't! Oh my! This toilet stank, it smelled bad enough to make you retch! To be fair, it was a very hot day in July, however looking at the bin overflowing with soiled nappies it clearly hadn't occurred to anyone that they might need to empty the bin once in a while.

Which was a great shame, because it was a lovely pub, with a beautiful beer garden and generally access was reasonable. However, rightly or wrongly like many people I always that if the toilets aren't clean then the kitchen probably won't be clean enough either and that's enough to put me off going back there!


Aiko said...

I've been meaning to contact you with a Bog Off Exhibit of my own! The charity I work for is currently using a room in a building in the middle of barracks, army land. The building is new. Every door but one is really difficult to get into, they are extremely heavy. The disabled loo door however is nice and light. However their help cord has remained tied up to one of the hand rails. Even untied (which it now is because I put a note through the door with comments as they do have a note in the loo asking for them) the cord doesn't reach near the floor, so if/when I have a fall, I wouldn't actually be able to pull the cord. The layout is quite rubbish and how anyone is expected to reach the loo roll I couldn't tell you. You'd think that being MOD etc that they'd have higher standards but nope. I've been advised that the doors probably have to be that heavy because they need to withstand bomb blasts which I suppose makes sense but are disabled users only going to be allowed to go to the loo on their own as if I'm in a chair I can't get in any door on my own. Sorry to ramble in comment section, couldn't work out how to email you. One good thing - the toilet doesn't smell :) Shame about the rest. Love your blog. Aiko xxx

You know, I ought to photograph the brand new handicapped bathrooms that were constructed for our new theatre and get your opinion of them...What do you think?

Aiko: Hi & thank you for your comments! I actually had the heavy door problem where I a hospital next to the stroke rehab unit. The doors were so heavy I couldn't open them w/out dislocating something. Access to work wanted to put in special electric access pads but I couldn't quite cope with all that work being done & made to be for 'me' Fortunately when the medical staff were alerted to the issue (which wasn't one any of the doctors had thought of previously doh!) the hospital funded the cost as it was so insanely stupid to have doors patients couldn't open!
My email address is in my profile I think, but it's if you can't find it there. I'd love to see any of your BogOff photos & I'll put a credit on them of course! I take all mine with my camera phone and usually snap a few from different angles as you can't really tell how they come out until they transfer to pc. Look forward to seeing your contributions & thanks for reading! BG X

MrN: Would you do that really? That would be incredibly, amazingly awesome thank you!