Bog Off Down Under!

11/25/2009 01:19:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 1 Comments

With thanks to fellow bendy, Veronica of Sleepless Nights

This is the only disabled toilet in Hobart city centre. The other toilets for the area are up 20 odd stairs and are generally well maintained. The disabled loo’s however double as the baby change station and leave a lot to be desired. There is room to manoeuvre a wheelchair in and transfer, but the toilet has no seat and frankly the whole thing stunk. I wanted to cover my nose while I snapped photos. It was messy and the mirror hadn’t been cleaned at all. No call button/rope either, so if you fell, you’re stuck until someone finds you.

It's somehow weirdly consoling that incompetence is universal...although not nearly as consoling as discovering you're not the only post coital puker around! Thanks Vonnie Xx


I should mention that when I say it's the only disabled toilet in Hobart City Centre, I mean it's the only disabled toilet in a 10km radius. You're stuck with this one if you're in Hobart.