Bog Off-The 'so good it makes my knickers wet' exhibit

12/01/2009 02:16:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 4 Comments

As we all know by now, I am properly obsessed with disabled toilets. The good, the bad, the ugly...and that's just having a reputation for taking photos of the damn things wherever I go!

So, to find such a gem amongst the typically dirty and smelly, often lacking basic facilities I usually document was very exciting even if I am beginning to worry I've developed a particularly disturbing fetish!

Still, fetish or no, I have to take a moment to bow down to the complete awesomeness of this toilet. It was so clean I could literally have worshipped face first on the floor. Yes, you've guessed it, this was the god of disabled toilets. Clean, spacious, nice smelling and phenomenally well equipped. Unless of course you're visually I'm guessing whoever designed the toilet didn't realise visually impaired people might need such facilities. Yup, it really was that blindingly clean and white in there, and that really is the white pull for help cord you can just about see against the white of the white tiles! But, that's the only real criticism I can make, and as this is such a very special knicker wetting toilet I feel compelled to return to singing it's praises.

It was massive....really massive
in a way you can't tell from the photos. Oodles of room to manoeuvre the biggest wheelchair with no worries about crushing an attendant's toes. Joy of joys, there was even a shower...with a purpose built seat for washing with or without assistance. Even better, the shower and seat were within transfer distance of the toilet itself. Sink at the right height, even a correctly sited mirror for my lipgloss. I could live in that toilet!

There was even a full sized, electronically controlled adult changing facility. Whilst I'd heard rumour such things existed it was the first time I've seen this particular piece of equipment outside of a hospital environment...and even in hospitals they can be rarer than unicorn horns.

This epitome of toilet luxu
ry was found in the assistance centre at Copenhagen Airport. I was so shocked I needed to sit down! Fortunately the assistance centre was an oasis of quiet and calm (other than the very entertaining 4 year old girl playing at being a mouse under the table) with comfortable, cushioned arm chairs and internet access. Having had the journey from hell up until that point I could cheerfully have spent the night there...20 minutes was not long enough.

Well done and thank you Copenhagen Airport, I've not been so excited in years!

PS: If someone can explain to me how loads of overexcited middle class, able bodied, white people flying into Copenhagen and all using their mobile phones to take photos of the 'environmentally friendly' electronic climate change billboard adverts is going to save the planet I'd be ever so grateful thank you!

PPS: Please forgive the crap photo quality. I was still recovering from a near death Swedish coach trip. I know. Sweden. Near death. Don't really go hand in hand...or so we think!


Sarah said...

I'll bite.

The shower and toilet should be in opposite corners so that they both have side and front transfer space. Ideally there'd be two sets of controls for the shower so an attendant doesn't get wet.

But you're right, it makes sense to be able to move from toilet to shower.

And I'm being picky, it's about as good as they come.

Fire Byrd said...

So pleased that you've found the Holy grail of toilets. Where to now with the search?

steph said...


I thought of you yesterday as my hospital room had a massive en suite bathroom which was almost as big as the room itself. It was well-laid out for wheelchair users with correctly placed basin/mirror and adjustable hand rails. Bearing in mind that this was only a day unit, it had shower facilities (like your pic) and was so spotlessly clean, I would happily have used it barefoot. The only thing missing was a hook to hang clothes on!

So glad to hear you got away for a good romp!

Wacky Lisa said...

That really is a lovely bathroom.
The pull cord reminds me of something that happened to me once. I squeezed myself and my dog into a standard sized stall at the adult day care center I was volunteering at. There were pull cords in every stall but I'd never noticed them before. Well, my dog managed to pull the cord. The poor staff freaked out. They hadn't even heard the alarm in years. Luckily they soon figured out what had probably happened when they realized that all the clients were accounted for. (Good thing I hadn't actually fallen.)