Being Bendy- A cuppa tea & a collapsing hand!

4/22/2010 05:17:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 3 Comments


Fire Byrd said...

That's not good a collapsing hand. Hows your hip as well?
You are going through the mill a bit too much at the mo.
Take care of you, or if he's still around get the gangster to!

Unknown said...

OMG You know, Annie has EDS, but nowhere near as profound as yours. I like to think I know what you're going through, but somehow, I think anything I imagine about what it's like for you must be totally inadequate. I so wish there was something could do to help - although I expect being able to click on the DONATE button over there might prove to be helpful. I'm gonna talk to Annie.

FB: My hand is ok thanks, I don't think I described that very well! I meant that my hand collapses in on itself to get through the mug handle. Actually that doesn't sound alot better! It's ok though, no new injury. Hip better than it was but still not happy. GangstaGuy is still around and taking very good care of me. Hope your back is feeling better now Xx

Lou: My hand is ok, unless by OMG you mean how I've got it shoved through the mug handle ;) You'll be able to see for yourself soon when the news item about the clinic in Leeds finally airs!
I am fine though, GangstaGuy is in the other room, he's been looking after me lots-lovely to be spoilt for a change. Thinking of you both Xx