Cherylee Houston interview on This Morning

6/15/2010 03:04:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 7 Comments

The Cherylee Houston interview which was aired on ITV's This Morning show last week is now available to view with sound as well as pictures. Thanks to This Morning for fixing the sound! 

If you've ever wondered what I mean by a characteristic bendy movement, just watch Cherylee's body language and you'll be able to see.  Cherylee talks about having Hypermobility Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and fibromyalgia as well as what might be happening with her Coronation Street character, Izzy.



Arienette said...

Is Holmes always that patronising, are was that his special talking-to-crips voice?
She seems lovely, almost wish I watched Corrie so I could see a bit more of her, but I'm sure we'll see more of her around.

alhi said...

Arienette: Holmes is always like that.

BG: kitty was keeping me warm over the weekend when I was shivering under duvets and blankets. He was curled up tight to my side! Can't believe how bad chickenpox is: I have them literally everywhere, including places you wouldn't mention in polite company.

Enjoyed the Cherylee interview and I think I understand what you mean by bendy characteristics now.

Arienette: He is always like that, but he did seem particularly uncomfortable with the subject matter, though that may have been that he felt some of the questions weren't appropriate. I thought Cherylee came across really well

Alhi: Chicken pox in adults is horrible! Definitely send someone for that aqueous cream with calamine if you can, it was the only thing to stop me scratching at the shingles.
Glad to hear the wayward kitty has been earning his keep now he's back from his jaunts! Hope you feel better really soon Xx

Lankylonglegs said...

I know I'm blonde, and also really thick at times, but for the life of me I don't understand what you mean about characteristic bendy movements and I watched the vid several times, she acts/looks perfectly normal to fill me in please BG :o) (or DM me on Twitter (Mumblies) please as it's driving me nuts now that I've missed some big clue lol)

I don't watch television at all so hadn't seen this before, but I had heard about Cherylee's appearance on the Street and in general everyone seems to really like her and approve of her being in the show. It's high time those bigwigs in TV started to realise that there are far more types of people out there in the real world than the false make believe people we've been subjected to thus far.
Keep on smiling :o)

Jo x

LL: I suspect the reason you can't see it is because it looks normal to you! Look at how Eamon and Ruth sit in their chairs...they are quite still and their movements are precise. Contrast that with Cherylee's frequent, slight shifts in position (I think she's making a real effort to keep still for the camera) and the way she uses her hands/arms far more to make her points whilst she's talking. Also, look carefully at how far Eamon or Ruth move their hands to make a point, then look at how much further Cherylee moves her joints as part of her normal movement. Hope that makes sense?

l said...

Ah, I get you now (silly me, but I am ancient lol) My mother always used to tell me off for waving my hands and arms about when I talked, she said I'd knock my own block off one of these days lol.

I fidget all the time too, much to my cat's disgust, she hates to sit on me as never keeping still dislodges her off my lap, perhaps this is why Bendycat has taken to stealing your fave laptop spot? *giggle*

Thanks for taking pity on an oldie and filling me in :o)

Jo x

Rebecca said...

I've linked to your lovely blog again:

Cheers, again.