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10/26/2010 07:44:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 5 Comments

I will be speaking on BBC Radio Leeds this morning about the impact of the spending cuts on disabled people. Eek!

Listen again feature is available here My section starts at 1 h 46 mins into the programme. 


Mr H said...

You'll be fine and dandy Bendy... x

Achelois said...

I listened. I heard. I understood.
Has anyone else read in the smallprint that prescription exemption charges are going to have to be paid to those with long term medical conditions. So where is the insentive to work here I ask myself. If you don't work you don't pay for prescriptions. Two immediate family members have epilepsy and both work hard but their employment opportunities are restricted because of their condition. Thanks for that Cameron,another example of victimising the vulnerable. Ehlers Danlos is a lifelong condition I remember signing a petition not too long ago in the hope it may be recognised as expensive to manage with regard to prescriptionsand added to the list. That was obviously a pipe dream. But Mr Cameron - I would have thought even you may have understood that without meds epilepsy is life threatening. Pay if you are sick - don't if you are a banker.

BG - Radio Leeds this week. You & Yours next, I'll be listening.


your piece on Radio was great. I would like to link to your blog from my blog, is that OK with you?

PP: Yes, of course, thank you

Achelois & Blood In The Sand: Thank you both. Have you joined our forum? Xx

Sue Marsh said...

Great piece on the radio. I send your link with mine when I approach ministers or columnists now, hope that's ok.
Keep doing what you're doing, as will I and people WILL start to hear us.
Sue Marsh