Bendy in print...

10/07/2010 12:27:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 7 Comments

BendyCat sitting on an open copy of All Together Now!
My first ever column 'I want more!' has been printed in All Together Now! magazine. I'm a bit excited, as is BendyCat who celebrated the occasion in time honoured kitteh tradition by sitting on the column. 

Fortunately my twitter friends are a very knowledgeable bunch when it comes to accessibility issues and fellow disability rights blogger @samedifference1 has explained the magazine can be viewed as a pdf document for those outside the north west. Thanks Sarah!

You can read my column via All Together Now!'s online archive. It's page 19 of the current issue (Oct-Nov 2010) and is to the far right hand side of the page.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! And thanks for the compliments :)

alhi said...

Kick the kittie off and let's see a proper photo of it as well as the pdf which I'm off to access now!

Achelois said...

I am so dinny - clicked away went to page 19 and read an article about cyclists on pavements thinking you had a pen name! Nevertheless an interesting read. Finally navigating to the correct issue found your article. Superb article and have also found a highly readable publication which makes the effort to be accesible for someone with odd eye's like me! Very impressed I will be going back to read more articles of a vibrant and relevant publication.

Bendy cat is so handsome - my moggy's are just that beautiful in my eye's obviously but yours is in another league.

Look at me - I know albeit virtually a real proper writer!

Congratulations BG.

Congratulations!!! Am off to read now.

Wacky Lisa said...

Unless you wrote the piece about lifting injuries I have been confounded by a PDF that says I'm on page 18-19 but shows page 17-18 and then page 20-21. Your article was so good the entire page it was printed on had to be removed!
But, be being at utter ditz aside, congrats on getting published :)

Sarah said...

No, can't find page 19. Not the most usable website in the world... Or am I just being thick?

Sarah said...

Found it. Clearly the place for page 19 is between pages 14 and 15...

Any way, interesting article. Hopefully a situation that should change as newer properties come on to the rental market. Building Regs now ask for level access, a downstairs loo that can be adapted for a shower (wet room style) and a ground floor room that can be used as a bedroom.

In Scotland at least the requirements extend to the heights of sockets, switches, window latches, heating controls etc and the spaces around bathroom/kitchen fittings.

The problem is that it's aimed generally and is supposed to include both wheelchair users and ambulant people, but when a house is built to the minimum standards (as they will be) there still isn't quite enough space through hallways and doors.

This also doesn't solve the lack of social housing, or the fact that there can only be so many ground floor flats.