The Broken Of Britain - Together We Can Do This

10/25/2010 12:05:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 7 Comments




CHatter said...

You are not alone Bendygirl and make complete sense.

best wishes to you.

alhi said...

Take care of yourself. xx

Casdok said...

Hugs x

verydull/notcrazy said...

i appreciate your video. I hope it shows others that despite whatever is wrong that it is possible to make a difference and do something.

Your honesty and openness should stand as inspiration for other disabled people to contribute and take a stand.

take care of yourself.

This is your blog mother speaking now. Make sure you look after yourself missy. You wont be any help to anyone if you make yourself sick. So pace yourself and take lots of breaks. I am very proud of you xoxox

Any chance of a transcript please?

DD: It was just a few words to explain that I wasn't well, but that we've had a fantastic response and it is making a difference. Hope that helps, we're really struggling to find enough people who know how to sort out the different access needs and crucially are able to do that for us. Best BG Xx