To The Disabled People Of Great Britain

10/23/2010 03:12:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 14 Comments

To the disabled people of Great Britain. Our individual voices are too quiet to be heard, but collectively we can shout loud enough to drown out this tide of abuse against us. Disability Hate Crime, lack of full legal protection, people in care homes costing too much to be let out and not one political party willing to fight for us. We must emulate other successful civil rights movements and with polite determination take our place as equal members of society. Please send me your stories as together we are unignorable.
Initially please email me at until I can sort out a platform to host our stories and videos.

For those needing a transcript, I do not speak from a script or use notes so will do my best to provide a transcript as soon as possible. If anyone can help, I'd be very grateful.  Please contact me on


Anonymous said...

Do you know about Disabled People Against Cuts?

Well done my dear. Well done. clear, concise, and to the point. Have you been contacted by the politicians yet? Be careful if they do. They're liable just to use you as a tool for their own ends. Make sure they're sincere in wanting to help you if they come calling.

You spoke about disabled hate crime. You might be interested in this...

I've put up a video on my blog, entirely inspired by you. I never even considered doing one until on this video you said we all should! So thanks.

Wacky Lisa said...

I know this is mostly unrelated but I thought you might find it interesting....

I looked at this video and had 2 responses. A) BendyGirl looks gorgeous B) gee, she looks a lot like me. So, my mind tried to break at this point and I called my partner to look at my screen. He laughed and said that we do look very similar except you have normal/healthy eyes. Well, and I don't have those curls.
I suppose the similarity could be caused by the facial characteristics of #EDS. No matter what the cause my mind is blown. I'll have to think of myself a bit differently now. Okay, vastly differently now.
Thanks for the self-image boost. I didn't notice the similarity with your other video but I guess I'm so used to seeing myself w/ my hair in a bun that I can't compute otherwise.

Sue Marsh said...

I'm so glad I found your site.

Be afraid Mr Osborne. We're stuck at home and our computers are our lifeline. If you thought we were voiceless, you were wrong, if you thought we were weak, you were wrong. If you thought we wouldn't fight back, you were wrong.

Here's my story.

verydull said...

I know I might be stating the obvious but a collection of stories is usually called a book.

Whst I guess I am saying is in order to find a voice for our stories we need to find a loud enough platform.

I don't know if anyone has seen liz crow's recent presentation, but its available here:

just look for Liz Crow on the right..

Thanks, I have emailed you as well.

Love to you my sweating. I am very proud of you, you know.

That should have been my sweeting. bloody typos GAH!!!

Mary said...

Okay, personal stories. Here's mine: linky.

It's late and I may not be following things. Email or tweet me if this isn't where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bendygirl.

Anonymous said...

This is an absolutely brilliant video. I fear I would not be able to string two words together to make a coherent response, but you've hit the nail on the head. I too have EDS and a host of other invisible disabilities. I have added you to my feed reader and I look forward to your future posts.

Well said. It must have been hard to compose that message and deliver it, without 'crying a river'. I could hear the tangible fear and disbelief in your voice. I have CFS/ME, and it's incredibly hard to get across to ignorant people, just how bad it feels on the inside (and the problems it causes).

Anonymous said...

Hey Bendygirl, hat's off to you for being so articulate and being one of the first for speaking up for all of us. I too, particularly, feel utterly betrayed by Danny Alexander. I felt he was a champion of our cause until he sold out. I have unremitting mh problems with fms - both the mental anguish and physical pain is hard to bear, even harder is that both are hidden so I look as fit as a flea to the jaundiced eye. I feel like scum for being on benefits but my working days are over. And I'm so very tired of feeling like scum.

Casdok said...

More segregation, more exclusion, more poverty, less human rights, less dignity, less equality.

Even more dependent on services that are too strapped for cash to deliver.